Bring "My Sweet Love" home

To be able to bring the musicians I want to work with to Birmingham, so we can give a theatrical take on my debut album 'My Sweet Love'.

We did it!

On 13th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £665 with 35 supporters in 35 days

Firstly, to be able to develop and prepare a theatrical take on my debut album 'My Sweet Love' with musicians I value, and to be able to support them as professionals. 

Then to bring you a live and loving performance right in the heart of Birmingham.

What is it

A romantic realisation of 'My Sweet Love' that will be performed in a public space.

Where is it

 At Brindley Place Bandstand in Birmingham.

Who is it

 Robert Nettleship & His Heartfelt Band 

Why is it  

This is absolutely what I believe anyone and everyone should be given; love.
In this brutal age, we all need more kindness and giving just because.  This is what
we want to give our audeince and to anyone unsuspecting who happens to be
passing by too!

But we need you!

We have loads of passion and love to give and distance really has mad our heart grow fonder. Our members are spread to big smokes and beyond.

We need a little time to bring more than just the notes to our performance, to be able to reunite for this one-time-only chance to perform this special album.

This will only be possible with a little help from you whether you're a fellow artist, a close friend or maybe even a kind soul  we don't know yet! 

We feel this is a great chance to give a little bit of ourselves to Birmingham, as an act of kindness and reflection on the  times we have shared and would love to dedicate our performance to anyone who is able to support us in this new year of music making!

However, we know this is a tough time for many.  Any pledge, great or small, will be hugely appreciated and we have some great rewards planned for anyone who wishes to make themselves a vital part of this heartfelt project.

Come and see the show!

Come and see the performance on 25th March at 1pm.

If you can spare a pound, euro or dollar then that would be wonderful.

Again, we SO appreciate any donations of your hard earned cash, so see our list of rewards if you are interest in supporting the newest performance of 'My Sweet Love'.

xxxxx R.Nettleship

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