Bring Mr Mess to the Harbourkids Festival in Toron

Take Mr Mess by Amadan to HarbourKIDS Circus Festival in Toronto, Canada. 20th - 22nd May

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Amadan created Mr Mess in 2015 and have since been wowing audiences throughout Ireland with this charming clown show.   And now it's time for his suitcase to be packed and take it one step further, Canada.

We are delighted to be invited to the HarbourKIDS Circus Festival in Toronto at the end of May.  This festival, held in the capital every year, offers world class circus to the young people of Toronto, all free and with an estimated audience of 40,000.  It's a massive deal for us to be able to showcase our work in Canada, a country home to some of the best circus in the world.   As a small, emerging company our funding options are limited and in order to do this we need your help.

With the funds raised we would be able to pay for accommodation, living costs, publicity, administration and insurance.  We are delighted to offer some exciting rewards for those who donate, so have a look and see whats on offer.  

We both thank you so much and look forward to the big adventure ahead.