Bring "Mars-Earth War!" to East London's theatre!

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Bring "Mars-Earth War!" to East London's theatre!
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We aim to bring Master Jonjon's play "Mars-Earth War!" to East London's theatre in May 2020.

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In Phase I of our crowd-funding we've already hit our 78% target, which covers the costs of hiring artists,  operational costs in rehearsals and backstage operations.

It’s always daunting when it comes to crowd-funding but here we are at this final stage!

Following the success of Helen Keller of the Land, this Master Jonjon’s new play is coming to East London in 2020. Just as Helen Keller has drawn on the themes of linguistics and human-nature relationships, Mars-Earth War! Consult Manual for Knocking is a fantasy play that plays upon the many themes relevant to our 21st-century international and romantic blunders. This is a show for you whether you’re a fan of the dramatics, suspense, futurism, love or logic.

The play is part-inspired by the life choices of actual cat(s).

1. The Story

With the Earth Complimentary coming up strong, a war between Mars and Earth became inevitable!

Fluy and Luxio both volunteered for Fraction 38 but serving in the army was not-quite what they’d expected. The fraction was sent to Southern Mars, a no-body land far from the frontlines. A secret order (?) was brewing in the basement. And what about those mid-night knocking? When Boss’ orders were to arrive, it’s inevitable that their private agendas were to be revealed and tested.

This is a story of perceptions, geeks and meanings.

2. Our Aim

… is to raise £850 for props, costume and set construction as well as venue and van hire.

This crowd-funding is part of the appeal together with Arts Council Project Grants, The Fenton Trust and Stage One Bursary.

3. Rewards 

Both rewards below allow unlimited number of participation.

a. * Basic reward (Pledge £19 or more): a personal thank you on social media

b. [] Jumbo reward (Pledge £29 or more): enter a lucky draw to win two premium tickets to the show (worth £38) and to enjoy your VIP gift pack.

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