Save Kimmy dog and bring her to the UK

by Zoevppn in Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

Save Kimmy dog and bring her to the UK
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Grant and I were meant to be going on holiday to Bali in March, and one of our plans whilst we were there was to go and see all the amazing ...

by Zoevppn in Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

Grant and I were meant to be going on holiday to Bali in March, and one of our plans whilst we were there was to go and see all the amazing work that the Bali Dog Association do. See link --> 

I'd been in regular contact with them letting them know how excited we were to be going and how we can't wait to help them out and give lots of cuddles to dogs. I'd always be asking about the dogs and what problems they face out there and it seems that dogs are used for food, sacrifice and just generally people don't care too much for dogs in Bali. You get people of course that have dogs as pets and people that will feed the strays etc, and a few rescue centres that take them in. Bali Dog Association I believe tend to keep most of their dogs as they don't find that it's easy to rehome them. It's an expensive process so they care for over 150 dogs on a daily basis potentially knowing they aren't ever going to be rehomed. These are some amazing people! 

One morning I was browsing through Instagram and noticed a post about a new dog they had saved called Kimmy, I sent it to Grant without realising, he had already sent the post to me! 

Bali Dog Association reached their max capacity of 150 dogs when one morning they found Kimmy having nearly been hit by a car and very poorly, they couldn't leave her on the streets, so took her in. With no space and limited funds Kimmy went straight to the vet and they put out a plea for help. 

Kimmy had been poisoned and whether or not she was going to survive was touch and go every day. The association put out a note that Kimmy had to stay at the vets longer, but they were running out of funds, so I made a £££ donation to help out with her costs and also so that they could buy some food for their other dogs. 

A couple of weeks down the line and the lovely Kimmy is showing her true grit and determination to stay on this planet and is fighting her way to full health, although she still has a long way to go, she's not giving up.  You can see the lovely Kimmy here -->  

Our plan is to do everything we can to bring Kimmy back to the UK but we just can't afford to do that on our own. Initial costs are looking to be over £3,000 but we don't know exact costs yet. We aren't expecting to raise the full amount, but anything that can go towards it would be amazing. 

Unfortunately our holiday has had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus and as such we've already had to pay a £600 fee to cancel one of our flights, so our plans to see Bali Dog Association are no longer able to happen. 

BUT, we still want to help and to rescue Kimmy. 

Kimmy needs a number of vaccinations before she can travel, a car journey from Bali to Jakarta and then a flight to Europe, before she can then be picked up somewhere, hopefully The Netherlands, by us and then brought back home to join our family. 

If anyone is in any capacity able to help us to bring Kimmy to the UK then we would be eternally grateful for the support. For anyone that knows me, or Grant or any of our family you'll know how much we love our animals and already how many we have between us :) 

But somethings tells me we need to save Kimmy! 

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