"Soul Connection is the cure"

by Jen Pridgeon in Frome, England, United Kingdom


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I'm on a mission to empower parents to connect with their soul. I need your help to continue my venture Let's Connect and Feel Better

by Jen Pridgeon in Frome, England, United Kingdom


Let's Connect and Feel Better is on a mission to empower parents to build connection.

I am asking for funding and support to continue my work of bringing this framework of connection into the world. 

                                 "Soul connection is the cure"

This includes development of the Healing Programme and the Screen Harmoniser.

My vision is to empower parents to connect deeply with their soul, to then have the capacity to be present.  And to be able to see the sovereign beauty of their child.

Every parent loves their child but how can we show this when we are exhausted and isolated?   - That's where Let's Connect and Feel Better comes in.  Feeling disconnected from our heart and soul is a survival technique the body uses when it perceives danger (Polyvagal Theory).  If we can immerse ourselves in safety we can then re establish our heart and soul connection and have more energy and life force.

In this current climate, speaking as a parent myself, I can feel how challenging it is for parents and let's remember it was not easy in the first place!  

Over the last year through the lockdowns I have seen in my own family how it is only once you envelope a parent and child in deep connection on all dimensions including our connection to our community, our connection with our soul, the connection we have with our ancestors, our family lineage, with our own parents and ultimately our connection with our child.  

Only then was it possible to begin to release any unhelpful habits or addictions such as screen addiction without it be traumatising.

This way of approaching parenting is quite radical compared with how our parents approached it.  Parenting is about going into the soul movements of you and your child and bringing awareness to this.  This type of parenting begins before you have even become pregnant, it begins when you have the desire to become a mum or a dad.  For some of you parenting is thrust upon you, for some it begins as a struggle to become pregnant or to carry the foetus to full term.

“When you parent, it’s crucial you realise you aren’t raising a “mini me,” but a spirit throbbing with its own signature.”

– Dr. Shefali Tsabary


Let's Connect and Feel Better wants to solve the problem by continuing to develop the Screen Harmoniser that help our children disconnect from their devices and connect with each other.

The Screen Harmoniser is a reminder that face to face connections, voice tone, exploration, touch, movement and play are vital to the development of our child's nervous system.

The Screen Harmoniser and Healing Programme is not an app but an entire LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  It’s about building positive routines that enhance our connection with our child's soul and our own.  Routines that embed self care, self love and well being into our subconscious lives.  And that is the only protection and solution for addiction that will bring lasting results.

For me there was no point taking my daughters device away until I was able to be calm and have connections to support me and her in this transition.  

And with the rapid evolution of technology screen addiction is a growing issue in families.  Click here for the research so far...

There is a way to tackle these challenges and feel better around screens and our children...


What I want funding for...

  • I want funding to carry on developing the Healing Programme (an online 2 month programme for parents). 1608805719_lets_connect_healing_programme_hover.png

  • The main focus of the Healing Programme is to connect each parent with their heart, with their own healing journey so they can then be more present with their parenting journey.  
  • The Healing Programme is a fully online platform of connection for the parents. The Programme involves a weekly zoom session within a two month framework and a Whats App group where each family has the opportunity to share with each other and receive direct guidance from me.
  • And also have the opportunity to learn how to use the Screen Harmoniser with their children. This is what I want to develop with families, to see how best this framework will integrate into parents day and family routines.  Combining the Healing Programme with the Screen Harmoniser.
  • Click here for the research results of the Healing Programme 
  • and I want funding to carry on developing the Screen Harmoniser (a physical product).      

1608805760_lets_connect_screen_harmoniser.pngWhat is a Screen Harmoniser??

Well, there are 3 parts to the Screen Harmoniser product;


1. The Screen cover - The Screen cover does literally that - covers your screen! "Nap Time" for the screen. This is the part I want to develop further with your support!

2. The 10 connection hearts - The 10 connection hearts are an invitation to your child from you to do something together, to connect.

3. The Instruction Manual - A fun and friendly booklet that comes with the Screen Harmoniser

  • I will invest the money into the design/development and then production of a batch of Screen Harmoniser 'Covers' for laptops and tablets to use with families alongside the Healing Programme, to fit the sizes; 13.1" laptops screen, 15.6" laptops screen and tablets 10.1".  
  • The funding will be for the development of the covers and packaging 
  • Here are the prototypes of the different Screen Covers I have had made so far...
  • For more pics and videos of the Screen Harmoniser please click here

Who is the Screen Harmoniser For?

The 'Screen Harmoniser' is aimed at under 10 year olds and ideally for between 1-7 years old.  The Screen Harmoniser can be for single children families or for multiple children families.  The Screen Harmoniser helps build healthy habits with screen technology from a young age by focusing on strengthening the parent child connection and providing the parent with vital tools to manage their parenting and stress levels.  

"We used it one day and ended up spending the whole day in the garden playing.  They put it over the screen and stuck stuff on and with the intentions of doing the things we ended up just playing together, so it worked.   It was one of the nicest days we've had recently xxx" - Isabella (mum of two girls)


Who am I?

I am a Biomedical Scientist, a qualified EFT Healing practitioner, Akashic Records guide and a business owner.  For more information about EFT also known as 'Tapping' please click here and for info about the Akashic Records click here.

For a full list of my credentials please click here.

And most importantly I am a parent to an 11 year old daughter and I know how excruciatingly hard parenting is.  I have spent many years crawling my way through parenting and I want to transform the way our society values parenting.  


What the science tells us...

Research tells us that when you support parents and begin building healthy habits from a young age you can make a drastic change in your own life and the life of your child (Body keeps the score - Bessel van der Kolk).

As Aristotle said “show me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man” this statement is as true now as ever.

The first 7 years of a child's life are the programming years, where core beliefs begin.  Habits are being formed in a child's sub-conscious mind so building these loving connections will protect them from future unhealthy habits and addictions.  During these years, our children will spend most of their time in Alpha and Theta brain wave cycles which is a state of super learning, they are not in conscious or thinking states.  They are like a sponge, absorbing whatever is around them.

I can see an existing issue around addiction to screen devices and also the stress that it brings up in us exhausted parents!  And this is where my focus is.  This issue was massively highlighted after the release of the film Social Dilemma on Netflix which highlights the major issues around addiction and social media platforms.  I also love Johann Hari's TED talk on addiction and this new way of viewing addiction.

I have written a Scientific review on this area which has been published by The Alliance of Childhood organisation read here

Why is this so important?

The more you connect with your heart, with your soul, the more you can do this for your beautiful child.  As a parent we are blessed with this gift of our child but when we are exhausted or overwhelmed we cannot see or feel this gift.  And parenting can feel like a burden, I want to support parents to feel the gifts and de-stress their lives.

These first years are so integral to your child's future way of seeing the world and themselves.  And the best investment you can give your child is 'support for you' the parent so you are able to enjoy your children and not be stressed out all the time.


The basic architecture of the brain is constructed through a process that begins early in life and continues into adulthood.  

Genes provide the basic blueprint, but experiences influence how or whether genes are expressed. Together, they shape the quality of brain architecture and establish either a sturdy or a fragile foundation for all of the learning, health, and behaviour that follow. 

Plasticity, or the ability for the brain to reorganise and adapt, is greatest in the first years of life and decreases with age.

Read my research here...


Here is a run through of all the costings involved in getting these covers made for the Screen Harmoniser and the running and development of the Healing Programme.

Screen Harmoniser - these costings will change depending on the amount being made and printing run numbers.

The cost of the fabric, the cost of the boxes to buy, design work for packaging, screen print design costs for the covers, screen printing for the packaging, screen printing for laptop covers design, seamstress/factory to make the covers themselves, marketing costs, PR (public relations) costs.

This is costings to make 50 (roughly) Screen Harmoniser Covers.

Individual unit cost

Based on 50 - £52.50p to make per unit/Harmoniser cover

£48.79p to manufacture per unit (based on 50)

Postage cost

£2.90 - £3.10 (small parcel category)

£177.50p for 50 units

Total batch cost;

£2,625 to make 50 Screen Harmoniser Covers.

Healing Programme - website running costs, booking costs, hourly rate for practitioner, administration costs for planning of the programme, zoom fees, networking group membership fees, business support coaching, childcare.  These are some examples of the costs of ongoing outgoings for me to continue to do this work full time.

Total cost;

£3,813 to develop and run the Healing Programme.


£6,438  in total for the development and manufacture for the Screen Harmoniser Covers and for the development and running of the Healing Programme.

What I have done so far…

I have spent the past 1-2 years starting up Let's Connect and Feel Better and creating the first Screen Harmonisers after selling my house and using the capital from this to allow me the time and space to build this business and develop my skills.

I have already begun testing out the Healing Programme and Screen Harmoniser with parents, grandparents and professionals, this has had wonderful ongoing results.

I have produced a batch of Screen Harmonisers for TVs and I have the printers (IDressMyself), fabric and factory (James Gaunt and Materia Products), which are local businesses, non toxic, organic and recycled materials, at the ready to press go on a run of Screen Harmonisers for tablet and laptop screens.  This would involve some design work (Cuckooo Design) to adapt the design for TVs to fit for the smaller covers for tablets and laptops.

I am also in collaboration with the Digital Wellness Collective who are a global trade association for digital wellness experts and organisations.

Here is some feedback from families and testimonials from clients:

Who is this aimed at?

I am doing this for every single exhausted fed up parent 

  • This model is for parents with children under 7
  • For conscious minded parents
  • Parents who are going through a break-up
  • Parents who have dealt with great loss or grief
  • For those wanting to face their worries regarding screen devices
  • Parents wanting to invest in their children's futures

               Parenting for me was relentless...  

Becoming a parent was the making of me and no degree or job could ever compare to the vast amounts of presence and emotional intelligence it took and takes still to parent my daughter.  Parents need connection and support and to value the amazing job they do every day! 

Through every pain, every failure and every triumph I grew and grew.  It was either that or curl up in a ball on the bathroom floor and cry (which by the way I have done a lot).

Here's me on TEDX talking about parenting...

The rewards:

Aside from donating for this crowd fund you can partake yourself or buy a reward for a friend or loved one or sponsor a family to partake.

  • Buy your own Screen Harmoniser
  • Buy a bag of 5 Connection Hearts
  • Buy a bag of 10 Connection Hearts
  • Buy 1 Connection Heart
  • Buy 2 Connection Hearts
  • Join a Group Relaxation Session
  • Buy a Play Healing Session with Jen
  • Receive a one on one Goals Settings with Jen
  • Buy a personalised Masterpiece drawing by Tanisha
  • Sign up to the next the Healing Programme (start date to be confirmed) or donate for a family to partake in the next Healing Programme-

Here is an example of the framework for the Healing Programme:

  • Full On Connection (2 months/weekly Zoom/Whats App group).
  • Fortnightly themed sessions (4) and the in between relaxation sessions (4).
  • Access to the fortnightly themed healing and sharing sessions (1hr per week) on Zoom - self-care relaxation, healing and sharing session, we do some embodiment exercises to bring movement to the body and calming to the mind and then the second half is a meditation part.  These sessions are recorded for those not able to be there live and for you to go back and go deeper in your own time.  Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) is used also in the sessions.
    The sessions can be flexible but a typical hour would run like this
    • 10 minute check-in about your week for each family
    • 15 minute relaxation and meditation
    • 15 minutes EFT * sessions with me to bring healing or to highlight your blocks to “the truth” of any situation
    • 15 Experiential time to teach and learn tools and techniques
    • *you can read about the practice and purpose of EFT via this link here
  • Access to a supportive Whats App group - A space for connection and sharing, fortnightly themes for participants to focus on.  
  • Let’s Connect Manual - A culmination of tools for growth, healing and development in regards to your parenting and your own self-care.  


Why did I invent the Screen Harmoniser?

I understand too well how hard it is to get a child off their screens and the idea was born from me needing this product when my daughter was younger.  

Whilst my 6 year old daughter was having yet another massive break down from me turning the TV off it came to me, what if there was something I could cover it with that had some sort of activity or distraction on it too!

Our children are only young for a short time and I want to invite parents to join their children in their dream worlds of play and fun!


I approach this creation with a deep respect for technology and screens, the screens are not to blame.  Parenting is hard and lots of the apps are designed to be addictive. 

When we as parents can relax about screens and feel deeply connected with our beloved children it then allows us in turn to become better accustomed to technology.

The Hearts1593978153_img_0373.jpg

Click here to view all Ten - The Hearts 

The People behind the Screen Harmoniser:

Tanisha - My beautiful daughter (and our Cat Polly).  I run my business 1593780284_6cc28207-0c7f-420b-af8c-4fb8eb5aa381_1_105_c.jpegas a sole trader but in the manufacturing of the product I employ a team of people at various stages of the making and marketing.

My Story

I spent a long time believing very little of myself but knowing deep inside I had more to offer the world.  I turned my life around and started showing the world more of what I had to offer, and so "Let's Connect and Feel Better" was born.

 Coming from a very dark place has allowed me to know deeply how hard parenting can be and from this place of knowing I feel very well qualified to support parents with this product and healing programme.  From a little thought in my mind I have created a product that is so beautiful and simple and become the Healing practitioner I was always meant to be.  And I want to share this with parents.

Me and Tanisha.


If you can’t support me financially I’d love it if you can share my campaign and join my mailing list to receive updates because this is just the start… 

So join me in building more magical moments with your children and let’s connect and feel better.



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One Connection Heart

Physical product reward. Receive your very own heart connection, you can pick your own or you can have a surprise heart delivered to your door. The characters Rose and Sam were created and drawn by Tanisha, my daughter. Please see the crowdfund page for the pictures of all ten hearts. Beautifully made, organic cotton, non-toxic dyes. Enjoy this beautiful heart connection at home as a keep sake or with your own children. Thank you for support!

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Sign up to a Group Online Session

Service reward. Drench your soul in this blissful energy! Sign up to a Group Online Session with Let's Connect and Feel Better - a rejuvenating session to reboot your whole system, you will leave with a new lease of life. Next to sleeping, relaxation is the next best thing for improving your health! We join together in this session and relax fully. Open to men and women. Please support Let's Connect and Feel Better

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Sign up to a Mens Group Session

Service Reward. A group session space for men only. I wanted to offer a men only space for those of you wanting to get a flavour of what Let's Connect and Feel Better provides for soothing the soul. We will share, relax and be ourselves. Please support Let's Connect and Feel Better

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Two Connection Hearts

Physical product reward. Two heart connections, you can pick your own two hearts or you can have two surprise hearts delivered to your door. The characters Rose and Sam were created and drawn by Tanisha, my daughter. Please see the crowdfund page for the pictures of all ten hearts available. Beautifully made, organic cotton, non-toxic dyes. Enjoy these beautiful heart connections at home as a keep sake or with your own loved ones. Thank you!

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Life Goals Session with Jen

Service reward. Life Goals Intentions Session with Jen - we tune into what you want and set your life goals and hearts desire. This is a personal one on one with Jen. This can be delivered online, telephone or via email. Jen will use all her skills as a practitioner to give you a clear set of goals for the year and a boost for 2021. This is a lovely way to give yourself a gift. Thank you for supporting Let's Connect and Feel Better.

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Play Healing Session with Jen

Service reward. In this session we join together you and your child in a fun filled activity or game. This is a space for you to give your child what they truly desire and that is your loving attention, supported by Jen your facilitator. This is delivered online. Thank you for supporting Let's Connect and Feel Better.

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Receive a Masterpiece Drawing done by Tanisha

Physical product reward. You will receive a drawing done by Tanisha herself as part of donating towards the development of Let's Connect and Feel Better. You will receive through email or in the post. This can be a picture of you or a loved one. Tanisha is a gifted illustrator and has the magic of being able to capture the essence of someone through her drawing skills and imagination. Thank you for supporting Let's Connect and Feel Better.

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Bag of 5 Connection Hearts

Physical product reward. This reward is for FIVE heart connections, these beautiful images of Rose and Sam printed on heart shaped fabric. The images were drawn by my daughter, please see the crowdfund page for images of the hearts. You can pick your own hearts or be surprised. Beautifully made, organic cotton, non-toxic dyes. Enjoy these hearts as a keeps sake or to use with your loved ones. Thank you for supporting Let's Connect and Feel Better

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Bag of 10 Connection Hearts

Physical product reward. This reward is for ALL TEN heart connections, these beautiful images of Rose and Sam printed on heart shaped fabric. The images were drawn by my daughter, please see the crowdfund page for images of the hearts. Beautifully made, organic cotton, non-toxic dyes. Enjoy these hearts as a keeps sake or to use with your loved ones. Thank you for supporting Let's Connect and Feel Better.

£69 or more

Buy your own Screen Harmoniser

Physical product reward. This is the chance to buy your own Screen Harmoniser before it has even been made. You can pick from the screen sizes available (32",40" or 43" TV Screens) depending on what screen you have or wait for the new ones to be made (laptops and tablets). Please see the crowdfund page for details of this amazing product. And thank you for supporting Let's Connect and Feel Better.

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One spot for the Healing Programme

Service reward. Donate a spot for a family (one individual from the family) to have a place on the Healing Programme or buy one for yourself. For those that would like to support Let's Connect and Feel Better by donating their funds to allow for a family to partake in this development this is a perfect reward opportunity. I have many families who would love to try this programme and would appreciate the chance to be a participant. Thank you

Let's make '"Soul Connection is the cure"' happen

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