Bring Gobi Home

by dionlucja in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Bring Gobi Home
We did it
On 19th September 2016 we successfully raised £38,280 with 938 supporters in 56 days

Amazing stray dog that ran 250km 'Gobi Desert March' race in China -Help me bring her to UK. All remaining money donated to dog shelters.

by dionlucja in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Michele Pool 21st September 2016

This is such a wonderful heartwarming story!! I am so glad that you both found each other, you were meant to have that adorable little dog in your life!! Thank you for sharing! ❤❤❤❤

Lou 18th September 2016

Just wanted, like hundereds of others, to wish you all the very best for bringing Gobi to Scotland. Have followed the trials and tribulations from almost the start of your journey together. This incredible story has touched so many hearts and restored my faith in random acts of kindness. You are without doubt a very kind and thoughtful family. My best wishes to you all.

Catherine  10th September 2016

Dear Gobi, You are a very courageous and beautiful little girl, with a lot of grit, and determination!!❤️????????. You knew what you were doing when you chose, and adopted your Daddy, Dion. He is your "human" soulmate! ❤️ ???????????????? I think you knew you were meant to be with him from the moment you met! Your Mom, Lucja, and Dad are both VERY special, and amazing humans. I know they will love you forever! ❤️ You, your Mom, and Dad hang in there. You will be home in Scotland before you know it! Sending much love and kisses from Pennsylvania!!! ❤️

Christine Knecht 9th September 2016

Little help from here to China, to your second home for some months ! How amazing to see that you`ll spend the time together with Gobi until she`s allowed to fly to scotland ! our best wishes to you Dion, your lovely wife and little sweet Gobi, all stay safe until you`ll be reunited in your beautiful scotland xoxo Christine, Tom and all fingers and paws crossed for you :-)

Jessica Baker 9th September 2016

Gobi we love you all the way over here in Canada. You are a smart, strong girl and we know you will sail through your surgery and quarantine. We love your pictures and videos. Be a good girl for your Dad and get to your furrever home soon!

Camille bao 9th September 2016

Dear Gobi, hoping your surgery went smoothly & you're revering comfortably right now, So nice having your daddy Dion there with you????????????????Life will only get better once you reach your forever home in Scotland, meeting your Mommy Lucja& sister kitty Lara????????You're so brave & quite a survivor!Each time I see your innocent face, I say a prayer for you . After you have gone thru grueling challenge of running like crazy in that extreme heat-the Gobi Desert. I sincerely rooting for you, sweet little girl????❤️Your daddy Dion is an exceptional gentleman, Mommy too, being so supportive. You're a Treasure of China, positive news. I love you & sending you get well wishes. Hugs!

Nancy 8th September 2016

Just a little extra to help with the sabbatical and stay in China! ???? Feel free to post multiple Gobi pics daily. ???? Really enjoy them!

clairecb 8th September 2016

Our rescue dog went on the run for 10 days from kennels in the uk. Took it badly we'd gone on holiday and left him behind. We finally found him - 50 miles from home. It's amazing how fate reunites these pups with those who truly love them. All the best to Gobi & co. Thanks also to

Ti Caudron 8th September 2016

Hi Dion, Gobi and Team - thank you so much for the latest update. Each time, your story brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful tale of greatness, teamwork and love. So happy for Gobi and the team that you have decided to take a leave of absence and stay with her in China during her quarantine. There is so much love there! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

Tim Price 8th September 2016

Following this since the original and making contribution to help you get Gobi back, like you the despair when lost, and now... You are sacrificing a lot to do this, but God is it worth it! So lovely to have such an uplifting story, especially today after stories about Dogs in China being treated in some parts so badly, but it shows some there do care also - thank you so much, look forward to the little Dog coming to Blighty and having a lovely life with you, hope the Op. Goes well obviously..... ????????

Nancy 3rd September 2016

What an amazing, loving story that truly helps restore faith in humankind! This process seems so overwheming, hope this donation can help you Bring Gobi Home!!!!! She is very lucky to have you both!

Lisa Hood 30th August 2016

As an animal lover, I find it hard to respect much of humanity, but you have singlehandedly demonstrated that there are good souls out there. Thank you for that, and thank you for everything you have done for Gobi!

Kat Abshire 30th August 2016

My second time to pledge. Please keep us posted on any updates on the quarantine. You are truly amazing Dion. You are Gobi's person. This is such a moving story and I wish you both the best. Gobi the Wonder Dog! :-)

Wendy 29th August 2016

What a fairytale this story has been so far! I have donated again, partly because the spare monies will go towards helping other unfortunate animals but also because I would like to think that I am helping in a small way in getting Gobi home to the UK. I guess we are all concerned how she will cope with 'separation' when Dion returns home. Fingers crossed that all will be ok and hope to see updates on Facebook/Twitter about quarantine timescales when it has been sorted. It justs warms your heart????????!!!!

Heather 28th August 2016

So happy to donate and excited to see the updates once she is home with you and your family. Sending love from New York!

Wynter Giddings 27th August 2016

I heard about this a few days after my 15 year old cat died, which was heartbreaking. She chose me, and I completely understand how quickly a human and an animal can bond. Your story is just so amazing and I am so, so happy you are reunited! I pledged because I want you to be able to get Gobi home safe and sound and because your story has actually helped me through my own grief. Wishing you a long happy time together!


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