Bring Clarence Knight to Justice

by Greg Grimshaw in Cobham, England, United Kingdom

Bring Clarence Knight to Justice
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We need help to bring Clarence Knight to justice

by Greg Grimshaw in Cobham, England, United Kingdom

Summary about Builder Clarence Miran Knight (possibly also known as Miran Aberyasekera)

  • Clarence Knight signed a fixed price contract to build our house in June 2018.

  • Clarence has claimed 17 valuation payments, the last payment he received on the 10th December, the day he voluntarily dissolved his company - CLARENCE KNIGHT BESPOKE LUXURY DEVELOPMENTS GROUP LTD.

“Hi greg 

I have attached val 17 and also there is a charge for the window intsallation guy,I need to book him as soon as possible 

just tell Betty we have paid them the full balance for windows and doors all together. 

Also ground floor tilling area has a significant increase from 60 sqm 150 sqm this will be a chargeable item I will use the same rate provided and multiply it.

For the full 6k we will have all the bathroom fittings listed on your list no additional chargers at all. INCLUDING GABERITT wall hung frames in each bathroom with the chosen inserts as well.

I also need the final finishing details urgently for all wall finishes in bedrooms and hallways etc could you please follow the same format as we did for the bathrooms.



  • He has taken payments for work and prepayments for materials close to 100% of the total project value.

“Hi Greg

As per our discussion yesterday all deposits I need to pay and materials
amounts are included on val 14.

Plumber and electrician starting on site mid next week.

As materials are going up and all trades are getting booked for up coming
winter months I need to pay deposits now to book our slots now and avoid
any further delays.

I can run through everything with you tomorrow .


  • A recent QS report conducted by a qualified RICS surveyor assessed the value of work completed to be 68% based on value of work completed.

  • Some of the subcontractors have not been paid or only partially paid for the completed work, the estimated payments Clarence has made for work completed is around 27%. This means Clarence Knight has allegedly kept 73% of all the moneys paid!

  • Clarence has refused to pay these subcontractors, or refund the unspent money to me.

  • Below is the recent company history for Clarence Miran Knight (possibly also known as Miran Aberyasekera):



10/12/2019  -  CLARENCE KNIGHT BESPOKE  LUXURY DEVELOPMENTS GROUP LTD. - Final Gazette dissolved via voluntary strike-off 

18/02/2020 - REBUS BESPOKE DEVELOPMENTS GROUP LTD (11265073) - First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off 

17/12/2019 - REBUS BESPOKE DEVELOPMENTS GROUP LTD (11265073) - Termination of appointment of Clarence Knight as a director on 16 December 2019 

10/12/2019 - REBUS BESPOKE DEVELOPMENTS GROUP LTD (11265073) - Appointment of Mr Gyorgy Jonas as a director on 4 December 2019 

12/02/2019 - CLARENCE KNIGHT CIVIL & CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS LTD - Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off 

09/10/2018 - GOVERNOURS LUXURY BESPOKE ESTATES LLP - Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off 

20/03/2018 - CLARENCE KNIGHT BESPOKE LLP - Final Gazette dissolved via voluntary strike-off 

20/03/2018 - REBUS BESPOKE DEVELOPMENTS GROUP LTD - First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off

  • On the 24th January 2020 I terminated Clarence Knight from the JCT contract

“In accordance with the JCT contract you signed 11th June 2018, this letter is to inform you of immediate termination of your role as the Contractor within the contract in the building of XX XXXXX XXXX, under section 6.5 Insolvency of the Contractor.”

  • I have shown the subcontractors my bank statements to prove the money has been deposited into his account over the past two years, and I also have receipts from him acknowledging he has received he money. 

  • We have raised this case with the Police through Action Fraud (case number NFRC191203397350).

  • He claims to be friends with Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab, we have contacted both of them asking for help in this case.

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  • We need to have a Judge review the material of this case, by conducting a Private Criminal Prosecution against him.

  • Wayne Horner from Setfords Solicitors will manage any money raised, it will only be used to bring Clarence Knight to Justice.

  • We need £6000 to start the process of the Private Criminal Prosecution against Clarence Knight. Please help us.


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