Bring Boyds Back From The Dead

by Tom Answer in Stagsden, England, United Kingdom


raised in 45 days



Our aim of our project is to resurrect the Boyds brand allowing us to continue to create product, run meets and take it on the road!

by Tom Answer in Stagsden, England, United Kingdom

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Mike Scott 6th November 2020

"He did everything he promised he would" Except in this case call me reverse Thanos. Come back final day and checked in, grabbed some extra stuff and that odd £3 annoyed me. Maybe it's OVD but I much prefer round tens and odd fives so bunged another £2 to sort that out. Many thanks for a great Crowdfunder and looking forward to what Boyd's comes up with next as it claws it's way back out of the grave. Igor, he's alive! :-)

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