Bring back the beavers to Cheshire

by Cheshire Wildlife Trust in Norley, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 7th September 2020 we successfully raised £5,420 ( + est. £1166.25 Gift Aid ) with 194 supporters in 20 days

After 400 years of local extinction, we're bringing beavers back to Cheshire!

by Cheshire Wildlife Trust in Norley, England, United Kingdom

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ANTHONY POWELL 29th August 2020

As I live in Devon, I hope your project in Cheshire goes as well as the River Otter one - may each of your beavers be ave for the benefit of the local scene, and flourish !

Jackie Carter 27th August 2020

A very exciting project, and great webinar about the project. It would be fantastic to have a beaver reintroduction in Cheshire. Good luck!

Louise Paul 27th August 2020

I could never have imagined that I might see beavers within walking distance of my house one day. Good luck, and I hope the beavers may be truly wild again in Cheshire before too long, without the fences.

tom.southworth 23rd August 2020

I didn't even realise Beavers had ever been in Cheshire. I'm happy to see them come back though, I'll be watching this development with interest :)

Andy Wallace 21st August 2020

Great idea to bring back beavers to Cheshire. They are wonderful, hardworking animals and they do a great job of flood long as you live downstream of them!

Pam Bellis 20th August 2020

Fantastic to hear about this project...nature in action protecting the environment! Good luck I hope it's a resounding success

Julie Chandler 20th August 2020

Wonderful to bring these beautiful creatures back to where they belong. The old Anglo Saxon name Beverly means “from the beaver meadow“, showing how long Beavers had been native to our country.

Helen Hughes 20th August 2020

I am SO happy that by introducing beavers back in Cheshire, we will in some way redress the imbalance, man has caused to nature.

Paul Walker 20th August 2020

I love the idea of re-introduction because it's how it should be - and if we don't do it (look after nature) we'll regret it! Good luck.


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Put your foot down

£23 can buy 2ft of our beaver-proof fencing! You will receive a downloadable certificate for your 2ft of fence, and our beaver reintroduction booklet download as a thank you for your support.

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Kids donation

*Children only* Our younger donors will receive a downloadable certificate and a colour-me-in beaver!

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For £10 you will receive a downloadable booklet all about the reintroduction of beavers!

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You will get an invite to livestreamed beaver release event as well as a certificate for your foot of fence and our beaver reintroduction booklet.

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Hatchmere guided tour

A guided tour of our Hatchmere reserve with a group of other supporters and Kev. Keep your eyes open for signs of our beaver family! You will also receive a certificate for your foot of fence and our beaver reintroduction booklet.

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Private guided tour

You and a few chosen friends or family members will get a private guided tour around Hatchmere to see our family of beavers. You will also receive a certificate for your foot of fence and our beaver reintroduction booklet.

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For large donations, please get in touch and we'll arrange a bespoke experience for you.

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