Bring back a conpatriot with difficulties.

by Ismael Barron Coca in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Bring back a conpatriot with difficulties.


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My girlfriend went to a travel emergency to Philippines to be with her mum who almost get killed by a heart attack but her house got robbed.

by Ismael Barron Coca in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

My girlfriend is a UK citizen which on her emergency trip had to pay for the operation for her mum. My girlfriend it's half brittish half Philippine and her mun was residing in Philippines. But she struggled to pay for her mum's operation but days later her little house got robbed. The thieves stole all her credit cards and cash she had and now she has to pay for medicine, pills, treatment and her ticket to come back to the UK. I'm a student and I do not have money to support her. I really love her and I want to see her again, it were several months without her presence here. If you has a brittish patriot want to help her please feel comfortable. I'll be very grateful with you. 

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