Beer Hops for Preston Manor Gardens and Brighton

Beer Hops for Preston Manor Gardens and Brighton

‘Brighton Hops’ is a hop growing project for Brighton & Hove, which seeks start-up funds for a focused flagship 'farm' at Preston Manor...

We did it!

On 15th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £510 of £500 target with 17 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Mainly: Brighton Hops will be able to award more plants to people. Then...

£50 donated to Brighton & Hove Clock Tower Sanctuary (for the homeless) and pay the hard working illustrator Fiona for her time.


Brighton Hops’ needs help to start-up and begin growing at Preston Manor Gardens

The Preston Manor team and it's beautiful gardens headed by George and the volunteers have welcomed the project to use part of the Edwardian Kitchen Garden for the growing of hops. This location will serve as a 'flagship' site and intended education centre for the practice of growing this crop locally and for the harvest to be exchanged with local breweries, made into decoration or considered medicinally. No money will change hands from the crops, as this project is focusing on the practice of discussion and trade exchange agreements.

This project is interested in the potential to grow crops inside the city area; with hops in particular the plants are easy to look after and grow up rather than bunching out low. This makes them perfect for places where space is an issue; in this way people within the city are sought and hopefully inspired by the project.

The £500 will pay for:

  • An initial 10 hops to be planted at Preston Manor
  • The traditional hop 'twine' and any poles required to support plants
  • At least 20 more hop plants to be distributed to smaller farms across Brighton & Hove, be it allotment holders, people with gardens etc. (to plant out and be part of the wider project)
  • All money left over will cover crowdfunding and online transaction fee's and pay for the website subscitption and ongoing use of the domain while 'conventional' funding is sought for the projects future

All project expenditure on plants and materials will be openly pusblished on the website (when its up and running) under the category "Crowdfunders" to show where in a transparent open system of honesty exactly where your funds are spent and how much everything costs. As a crowd funded project there is no budget for 'staff time' and anything budgeted in like this in future will be paid for through conventional awards and funding applications as the project grows. The website will include a map of the farm sites, growing guides, feeds for social media and a base point of info for growers and brewers and all interested and involved.

These plants need to be planted by January to make sure a whole year is not missed. As a result, the money must be raised by early December (thank you).

Pledge Rewards
There are several interesting rewards available for your pledges (below and right) including handmade 'sleep aid pillows' made using valerian root and hops I have grown myself; these pillows were traditionaly and still can be used to help with a good nights sleep due to the aroma of the lupilin oil in hops and the sleep inducing properties of valiums great relative valerian. The lavender is used to soften the medical whiff of 'wet dog' that valerian root carries as well as commanding a classic repuation in relaxation. The stunning hop plant print illustrated by Fiona Winterflood is an absolute must have and for the largest donations a limited amount of unique original one-off pen and ink hop drawings will be awarded like the ones depicted below; all these will measure around 20x20cm. Enjoy browsing over other rewards some of which may suit the erratic crowd funder with curious interest.

The rewards offered for your donations could make excellent gifts for friends and family; any signed awards can be personalised on request.

The Future...
With this small amount for the “start-up” helped through a basic crowdfunding system (thanks); an official organisation can be grown along with partnerships and applications for funding using available resources and opportunities. It is proposed in the next two years that Brighton Hops will not only directly inspire and flavour locally made beer but also serve as a point of social and creative interest be that through; for example Harvest picking Events, music, hop room flavour tests for breweries, scarecrows, Kent Hop field trips, educational talks (hosted at Preston Manor) and much more.

Please ask me any questions if you have them by clicking 'Send Message' below.

Many thanks,

Project Director

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