What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an online way to raise money, awareness and support for your Fringe performance.

Crowdfunding enables people with great ideas to raise the money they need, in return for ‘rewards’. The public can back your idea with pledges of money and project owners can ‘thank’ their backers with rewards that reflect the money contributed. Don’t worry - we’ve got some great reward ideas for you in our guides!

Crowdfunder.co.uk and the Brighton Fringe have partnered to support raising funding for your whole performance budget

Do you have a good idea

1. Create

First you create a simple page on our site, explaining who you are, what your idea is and what people get in return for a pledge.

Appeal to a wide audience

2. Share

Next, you tell all the people you know – and some of them share it with their friends in turn... and so on.


3. Pledging

All the while, people who believe in your idea pledge money in return for a reward that they’ll receive if your project succeeds.