Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

Inspired by our historic collections we want to motivate future inventors with a 'challenge cup' celebrating innovative medical engineering

We did it!

On 6th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £545 with 9 supporters in 56 days

Inspired by our past, ArtCare want to work with students, youth groups and young people to motivate future innovation and inventors for health care and engineering.

In 2016 ArtCare, the charitable art service at Salisbury District Hospital, were awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to start looking after the amazing medical and historical collection at Salisbury District Hospital. 

During this work, guess what we found…

  • The story of the first kidney dialysis machine created on site, here in Salisbury, in 1946 by Dr Darmady. Not only that, it was made using parts recycled from World War 2 Spitfire Engines …and we have film footage to prove it

 Dr Darmady with his kidney dialysis machine

(Screen stills from the film footage of Salisbury’s Dr Darmady)

…inspired by this story ArtCare have created a challenge for these creative inventors called ‘Bright Ideas’

What is Bright Ideas?

ArtCare want to create an annual challenge cup for any person or team under the age of 21 (UK based) to enter an invention or idea, inspired by our history collection, of future medical machines.

LEARN: ArtCare will work with wide range of schools, youth groups and community venues in the Salisbury and South Wiltshire region over the coming year to get the pilot scheme off the ground.

CHALLENGE: There will be 3 medal categories, a shield and a cup in our medical engineering challenge:

  • Re-purpose and re-cycling (inspired by Dr Darmady)
  • Healthy innovation, adaptation or improvement to human lives (inspired by Dropped Foot Stimulator)
  • Wild-card (open theme inspired by any aspect of our historic collection)
  • There will also be a shield for ‘best team work’
  • Finally a cup for the overall winning idea

Entries can be submitted as drawings, 3D models, collage, digital image, game, writing, artwork and many more – what about designing a recycled hydraulic arm or a solar powered hat that tells you when you’ve had too much sun or a virtual reality game to help train doctors, or maybe a 3D printed hand or a ….

INNOVATE: The project will be extended out to a wider audience through the availability of online materials, including our historic resources, the challenge cup project brief, teachers’ notes, inspiring ideas and experiments to get participants started.

CELEBRATE: We will then host a seminar at a local technical college

Why your funding will make a difference

Your donation will mean we can provide a unique chance for schools and young people to get real, hands-on experience of medicine, engineering and local history, with resources to inspire imagination and learning outside the classroom.

By exploring Salisbury’s history of innovations on their doorstep young people can have real aspirations to discover new visions of healthcare and medicine yet to come.   This is an opportunity that they would not previously had and improves the availability and access to resources and inspires students heading forward into medical engineering.

This is a stunning opportunity for ArtCare to test public engagement further with our newly organised historic collection of never seen before items and share inspiration across Wiltshire and beyond.

Some feedback:

‘Sounds like a great idea. It would be good to invite contributions from local people who have a connection with Salisbury hospitals.’ Public   

‘An absolutely fascinating idea. I'm not local but have had extensive plastic surgery and max fac work at SDH and will follow this with interest. Good luck and thank you for such a brilliant idea!’ Patient

 ‘Sounds awesome - can't wait to see what you do with it.’ Staff

 ‘Think it's a fantastic idea as it gives local people a window into the history of the hospital and medicine and medical care’ Staff 

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