Brighter Smiles Oral Health Campaign

To fight the trend of avoidable tooth extractions from children in Cornwall.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Does this sound like you?

Are you a teacher, parent, health professional, business or just someone who really cares about doing the right thing?

Did you know?

Tooth decay is 100% preventable if children, parents and guardians have access to health education and fluoride at an early stage.

We are Cornwalls leading community interest dental experts Smile Together Dental CIC. We invest our profits into local community dental work. On 20th March 2017 (World Oral Health Day), we went public by signalling our intention to reverse the growing trend of avoidable tooth extractions from children - a serious public health issue which currently costs the NHS in excess of £130m annually. This was the launch of our Brighter Smiles Oral Health Campaign.

Our Mission

Within our current project we have already provided support to over 900 children in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly. But there is much more work to be done if we are going to reverse the continuing trend of avoidable tooth extraction from children, which is the highest cause of hospital admissions in children between the ages of 5-9. At the moment we are only reaching a fraction of children in Cornwall. The crowdfunder campaign will enable us to fund training courses for an additional 40 dental nurses across Cornwall over the next year and this will enable us to reach over 3,000 more children and families. We will work with partners to support the well-being of children and their families in Cornwall through education, improving knowledge and changing habits with healthy eating & drinking, tooth brushing & oral hygiene instruction, dental care,  and active lifestyles.

Why we need you?

You could be the driving force behind an unique community project that really changes young lives. Everybody is feeling the pinch. But we have an idea to help communities to help themselves with our professional dental support and energy. You will directly enable us to set up a model that will see dental nurses working directly with your school, partnered with a local business, on your doorstep giving your school and community the head start it needs in its move towards healthy teeth for happier and healthier communities :)

How your money will be used

Your money will pay for intervention and education in schools right across Cornwall. It will enable us to provide training for more dental nurses. This will mean more dental nurses in your community will have the right skills to go into your nurseries, your infant schools and your children’s’ Centre’s, to educate teachers, children and parents about good oral hygiene, healthy eating and diet. We know that this is all it takes to put a preventative programme into place which in turn will halt the unnecessary pain, sleepless nights for children and parents, lost school days, teachers time and lost working days for parents.