Create Brighter Beginnings with Books for Becket

by Becket Primary PTA in Derby, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th August 2019 we successfully raised £10,000 with 25 supporters in 70 days

Our aim is develop a love of reading within our school by creating a cosy corner for children to get lost in a book.

by Becket Primary PTA in Derby, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With any additional money we receive, we would like to install Sun Shades in the playground.  While everyone needs protection from the sun’s heat, children need it the most. Children love playing with their friends outdoors, and it is up to us to ensure that they are well protected.  By shading the playground, children will be able to play longer, allowing them to have more fun whilst staying active.  They will also create the opportunity to re-locate lessons outside when the sun is beaming in on the classrooms making them stuffy and uncomfortable. By learning outside in the shade children can gain fresh air and refreshing shade, enabling them to concentrate and focus on their school work.

Any additional money we receive on top of this will go towards developing a web-based library management system by investing in the latest software packages. This will enable children to easily scan books in and out of the library. 

Becket Primary PTA is made up of a group of volunteer parent/carers and school staff who find time during their busy lives to help to raise funds to enhance our children's learning experiences and make school more fun! Becket Primary PTA is actively trying to create solutions and solve some issues that both our school and community are facing. Becket Primary is a school with a big heart, and we care what happens to our children whilst in our care and beyond– we invest in our children’s futures.

Becket is an inner city primary school educating children from 3-11 years in the Abbey Ward area; one of the most deprived wards in Derby City. It is not uncommon for up to 60% of a class to meet the vulnerability criteria. Although White British is the main ethnicity group we have at least 20 other ethnic groups and 27 languages spoken within the school.  We celebrate the diversity of our school community and our motto of cherish, nurture, achieve underpins all that we do.

All staff are truly dedicated to the school and often give up their free time to help out at events and give children the extra support they need. The Becket family are invested in the children’s futures.

Our aspiration is to set up a library similar to a living room environment with soft furnishings and bookshelves to create as rich a reading experience as possible within school. We also need to fill those shelves with fun and exciting books in an endeavour to promote a greater love of reading in all children by giving them access to quality reading material. After all, reading creates conversation; conversation generates ideas to build futures/improve communities. Reading is a life skill, is key to future employment and underpins every aspect of life. 

We are currently hoping to inspire the next generation to embrace reading.

We hope to raise enough money to fulfil our aim to provide students with:

  • A new library which will be set up to feel like a homely living room 
  • We want to equip our super new library with lots of fun, exciting and quality reading books that will inspire a love and passion for literature.
  • A shared space where parents/carers and children can enjoy reading together.  

The new library

We would like to create a library area for all our pupils to enjoy. It would be set up similar to a living room environment with soft furnishings and bookshelves to create as rich a reading experience as possible within school. By conducting pupil interviews it is evident that some of children receive limited support and encouragement with reading at home.  School would like to be able to develop parental skills and engagement in supporting reading at home.


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New Fiction Books

We would like to increase the range of fiction books available to every pupil in an endeavour to promote a greater love of reading, make it more fun and give them the opportunity to have greater vocabulary enrichment. By replacing and updating our fiction books in line with the currently recommended titles, we aim to have a range of genres and authors, both contemporary and classic, to achieve the aims below:

  • Develop a love of reading in all children by giving them access to quality reading material and become lifelong readers.
  • Strengthen their comprehension by making connections between genres and authors.
  • Improve vocabulary by exposing them to quality fiction material.
  • Develop skills of more able readers to build up stamina by reading longer and more challenging and varied texts.

The development of children's vocabulary will also link into making improvements in their writing skills.

Our Mission

So, we have not got long to raise our target of £10,000.  Your pledge can have a huge impact on a young person's self-belief, resilience, independence, confidence in their abilities and motivation to succeed in life.  We welcome any pledge you can make regardless of the size, we appreciate your support!

With each pledge we will be able to offer our students a more welcoming, encouraging environment and create the educational experience required to improve the opportunities for our disadvantaged young people and their families. We aim to provide a fresher, brighter, welcoming environment that will encourage children to read.

By raising pledges through Crowd Funder we will be able to renovate our premises, raise standards and develop our provision for these young people. We will be able to provide a more sustainable, accessible environment to encourage our young people to feel welcome and a place where they are continually encouraged towards a positive, ambitious future.

Thank you for taking the time to read our vision and aspirations for our school. Please donate today to give our children the inspiration to do more, be more and make a difference in our community.

Invest in Adults of tomorrow, invest in children today!

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