Bright Project- for a greater sense of wellbeing

by Patrick Masebo in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Bright Project- for a greater sense of wellbeing
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My project aims at providing asylum seekers and refugees with welcoming and healthy living spaces that promote mental health and wellbeing.

by Patrick Masebo in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I am a refugee living in Manchester and I am also an interior designer. After working on HMOs (houses with multiple occupants) development for a while, I decided to use the knowledge acquired to improve the quality of houses shared by asulum seekers and refugees by creating aesthetical, functional and healthy living spaces that promote mental health and wellbeing of these groups as I have been there and I can easily relate to the issues they face which have a tremendous impact on their emotions and general wellbeing. According to the the Fundamental Facts about mental health 2016: "Asylum seekers and refugees face unique and complex challenges related to their mental health and they are often at greater risk of developing a mental health problem and  increased vulnerability to mental health problems is caused by various issues faces by refugees and asylum seekers such as their past experiences (pre-immigration issues) and post-migration conditions that they face such as "inadequate housing" ( My project not only aims at creating healthy spaces for refugees and asylum seekers to tackle mental health issues but it also aims at raising awareness among these groups that our surroundings have a impact on our emotions and perceptions, so they will be involved in the process of transforming their living environment for their own good. The project also aims at reducing waste by using recycled materials as much as possible for a healthy environment. I plan to work with fellow refugees who have skills such as painters, decorators, artists, handymen etc. I want to promote integration of refugees by using their skills to make a change in the communities they live in. My vision is to give disadvantaged people the opportunity to live in aesthetic, functional and healthy living spaces that promote health and wellbeing. The money will alow me to establsih a social entreprise in terms of expenses involved (office, website, registration, and attending workshops to advance my ideas) and the formation of a small team. The monery will also allow me to launch a pilot project in an asylum seekers shared house so that people and especially accomodation providers could see what the project is all about for them to get involved and together make a change.


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