Bright Green Futures - "The Pioneers Film"

by Bright Green Futures in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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On 29th June 2017 we successfully raised £9,271 with 77 supporters in 28 days

Our goal is to film and document our sustainable self-build project so others can see, learn and understand the steps from start to finish.

by Bright Green Futures in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Show your support for more community-led projects to happen in Bristol and further afield and enjoy the warm glow of satisfaction you said YES to change!

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Our self-builders have all made a donation to our community in friendship Taking Roots in Nicaragua. Join them and sponsor a tree. You'll receive a carbon offset certificate and a warm glow in your heart. For more details visit:

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Support this project and have your name honoured for eternity in the film credits!

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Pre-order Dr Steffie Broer's first book “Warrior Living - how to build your dream home and community and be part of powerful change ". A detailed guide on how to build your dream home and create a wonderful community in the process. Pre-order today for signed copy with a limited crowdfunder discount of 25% off the usual retail price.

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The Self-Build Journal! A must in the inventory of any self-builder. A beautiful journal that takes you on a step-by-step journey through your self-build project, with prompts and tip for every stage. This can help you understand and focus on the crucial success factors thereby keeping your budget in check and making your journey smoother and enjoyable. Crowdfunding discount 20% off usual price.

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Pre-order your limited edition digital copy of our community-led self-build film! We'll also send you a free ticket to the project self-build awards night and film premier show.

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Exclusive Construction Milestone workshop, tour & party. Come and see our site once we've started, meet some of the self-builders and learn about our process first hand. We'll be having a party to celebrate a key milestone so a perfect day to learn more!

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Bright Geen Futures green hoodie, super thick, cosy and comfy, you will be surprised how inspired and good you'll feel in one of these!

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Bumper Pack! The £10 pledge (your name on the film credits) PLUS everything on our £25 pledge (digital copy of the film, ticket to awards and Premier) PLUS everything on our £35 pledge (milestone construction workshop, tour and party!)

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Many want it, few succeed. Find out the Bright Green Futures secrets of success and key insights on what make a successful community self-build project and how you can have your cake and eat it too! Over 2 days we will take you through a 5 step process to understand how you can build your dream home and community and create the life you’ve always wanted. Crowdfunder offer - discount 75% of regular workshop price.

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Give Big and Give Freely. If you feel inspired to give with nothing in return, then this reward is for you. There's no better experience than the self-joy of being generous beyond rational thought... THANK YOU.

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Are you a group of friends who want to live together, or a community group at a particular stage and not sure what step to take next? A bespoke technical day that will be created and a tailored to meet your questions with mix of coaching, consultancy and workshop scenarios so you can take action with confidence. Maximum of 12 people per technical day. Exclusive offer, 55% Crowdfunder discount of usual price.

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Promoted supplier: you will have the opportunity to showcase your service or products and meet the self-build group at a workshop before they start to tender in 2018. This reward is not a contract guarantee and is subject to meeting our sustainability standards. For full details on the benefits of this reward, contact us at

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Project Media Partner: From 2017 - 2020 we will continually release footage via social media, press releases, events and an awards ceremony. Become a project media partner from 2017 - 2020 and receive continual brand association with this flagship project. For full details of the benefits of this reward, please contact


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