Bright Green Futures - "The Pioneers Film"

Our goal is to film and document our sustainable self-build project so others can see, learn and understand the steps from start to finish.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £9,271 of £8,000 target with 77 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

WOW... 100% of our £8k target in the first 12 hours! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has backed us.  

With 27 days left we know there is more that we can do.  We also so know it costs more than £8,000 to make a film.
Our commitment has been, if we are successful with a small crowdfunding campaign, we will find a way each step of the way to ensure we produce a film that captures the true essence of what it's like to build a community self-build project.

So this is our stretch target, and something we feel is very doable with your help! 
We've still got some awesome rewards available for you and friends so you can get involved with creating your own community-led project.  

Bright Green Futures - "Exploring the area" from Bright Green Futures

Some of the rewards we highly recommend checking out...

£12 Pledge: Pre-order Dr Steffie Broer's first book “Warrior Living - how to build your dream home and community and be part of powerful change ".  A detailed guide on how to build your dream home and create a wonderful community in the process. Pre-order today for signed copy with a limited crowdfunder discount of 25% off the usual retail price.

£23 Pledge: Pre-order your limited edition digital copy of our community-led self-build film! We'll also send you a free ticket to the project self-build awards night and film premier show.

£35 Pledge: Exclusive Construction Milestone workshop, tour & party. Come and see our site once we've started, meet some of the self-builders and learn about our process first hand. We'll be having a party to celebrate a key milestone so a perfect day to learn more!

£79 Pledge:  Over 2 days we will take you through a 5 step process to understand how you can build your dream home and community and create the life you’ve always wanted. Crowdfunder offer - discount 75% off our regular price.

Thanks so much for being part of the solution! We feel very passionate about this and like you, want the very best for everyone.  Together we can do it!!  

 Let's make a film together! 


The story so far

Bright Green Futures is a self-build developer with a track record of delivering community-led housing projects.  All UK community-led projects that exist today currently are shared and documented in retrospect.  This leaves a huge gap for anyone wanting to create their own project:  they have to imagine the steps from the most challenging early stages as they have never been recorded and shared!

We are in the very early stages of a creating new 29-plot community in Bristol. We would love to film and document the community's journey,  from start to finish, which is due for completion in 2020 so we as a group we can pay our experience forward to many others. 

Globally, less than 1% of housing developments are community-led with sustainability and community at the forefront of all decisions.  This needs to change!  We are here to change the way housing is built and to put people at the core of all decisions.  We want to document our next project with this film to inspire others to follow suit.  Join us!  Pledge! Together we create a living movement!  Together we reclaim our right to good housing and beneficial livelihoods!

It is our hope and wish that by truly documenting the whole journey and creating a detailed account of this process, many more individuals and groups will have the direct knowledge and confidence to create their own project.

Our model 

Bright Green Futures has created a unique and original model that is the only one of its kind in the U.K.
As a developer, we provide experience and leadership expertise to deliver sites to market backed by design standards that have a strong emphasis on sustainability and community inclusion.  With our consultancy, training and mentoring offerings, we also support individuals and community groups to run their eco-community self-build project.


The Pioneers

We already have a site in West Bristol and have just completed our first phase of plot sales. (Phase two will happen in 2018).

After engaging with over 400 people locally through a campaign, application process and a series of events and workshops, 14 people have stepped forward to commit themselves to this site. With great appreciation, we refer to them as  "The Pioneers"' for their visionary ability to see the opportunity of co-creating a new home for themselves and the wider benefits this opportunity brings to all.

The Site

The brownfield site already has residential planning permission, but we will apply for a far more sustainable design,  aiming to be on site early next year.  We have already secured a lending panel through Buildstore, the leading self-build mortgage broker to ensure everyone can truly afford their self-build.

The Leadership 

The management team for this project includes Bright Green Futures founder,  Dr Steffie Broer, who as single mum built her first home in the Yard in St. Werburghs.  She has lived in communities in Spain, Chile, Germany, the UK and Sweden and led several eco-construction projects in Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK.  In recognition of her achievements, Steffie won the 2016 South West Energy Efficiency Champion of the Year Award.  

Working alongside Steffie are Dr Larch Maxey and Martin Schofield

Larch is also a director of Bright Green Futures.  Since 1988 Larch has co-founded over twenty sustainability social enterprises, including the pioneering Lammas Ecovillage while teaching, researching and practicing sustainability and writing over 50 academic and popular publications. 

Martin Schofield oversees business development and communication.  With a BSc in Business / Urban and Cultural Studies, he has a strong interest for many years in macroeconomics impact on urban migration.  He was previously a director for Ecomotive, an award-winning training and consultancy social enterprise for community-led housing.

With your help, this film can happen! 

With your support, we can a create a film that shows more than the drama of TV snippets that show a crisis point and its resolution.  This film will provide more than just a story but the inner workings of how individuals came together to commit, design, build and live together.   

What will your money do?

We have already invested in filming our early stages of forming the community "Pioneers" group.
With your help, we will commit funds to: 

- Continue shooting the community individual and collective self-build journey in 2017 - 2019
- Use a milestone to attract further funding to complete filming and editing in 2020
- Commit ourselves to provide a broad range of distribution channels so many more projects can happen

Learn how our model can work for YOU today! 

 The project offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture and record all the decisions and processes of a community-led self-build project. There's no reason that you have to wait til 2020 to discover what makes our model different though.  Our selection of rewards offers you the opportunity to pre-order our first "how to" book or join an immersion course to see what designing and building your home could mean for you!

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it and could not do this without you! - The Bright Green Futures Team.

Thank you to Anthony L Tjandra and Sean Chew for the video filming, sound, and editing. Thanks to Laura Kriefman, James Wormell, Martha Locke for answering our questions on camera, thank you to the residents of 125 Courtyard for allowing us to film and finally thank you to everyone who supports our vision.

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