BriggsFitness- The local, easy way to get fitter

BriggsFitness- The local, easy way to get fitter

A local fitness business who will offer customers many things from nutrition plans to fully trained personal training sessions based on you.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a young entreprenuer who has a passion in fitness and nutrition. i want to create a local business that gives customers an easy way to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves as i believe those goals are key to being achieved.

BriggsFitness is a fitness company who offer a range of services for cusomers ranging from top tips on nutrition and dieting to our 'fitness freak' package which would include a one on one personal trainer who sets you up on a hard core course with your training and nutrition.

I am level 3 fitness instructor qualified and i believe i have the knowledge and skills to achieve my goals of creating a business that helps people to achieve their goals without losing touch with their social life or taking a big chunk of money from the customers back pocket.

This is a dream for me to pursue my passion in fitness and wellbeing and i hope to give the potential customers the best experience they could wish for whilst seeing the results they would wish for and more.