This FREE Festival is to inspire and educate young and old in traditional Folk Song and Dance, creating a lasting legacy for World heritage.

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On 29th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £384 with 10 supporters in 82 days
  • This is a 'First' for Bridport.  

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  • This is the first ever,  Bridport 3 day Folk Song and Dance Festival which in essence will bring a vibrant spectacle of traditional Folk Song and Dance with all the concepts of our rich performance heritage which we hope will enthuse and engage young people as to the enjoyment and importance of the values of community involvemet as their rightful legacy.  Bridport is well known and respected for its Arts and Culture scene but to date has never had a true Music and Dance Folk Festival.  
  • Bridport by nature of it's coastal location boasts a proud tradition of supporting the RNLI  and monies raised from this Festival will be shared and donated to the Local RNLI Branch.   At present, the Festival has already received  wide acclaim resulting in the commitment of 68 Musical acts and 26 Traditional Dance sides  Morris , Clog etc.

  •  The inclusion of 11 workshops comprising various aspects of Dance, Instrument and Songwriting will provide an educational and informative element to the event and help promote,  enthuse and inspire new artists to maintain the traditions.     

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