Bridge the gap between illness and normality

by Marieta Kotova in London, England, United Kingdom

Bridge the gap between illness and normality


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Please join me and make a difference? Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much

by Marieta Kotova in London, England, United Kingdom

Who we are and what we stand for:

We are a team of Business and Entrepreneurship students at the University of Westminster.  As part of our programme of study, we are raising money to support the Bright Futures Charity here in the UK.  We have chosen to support this charity because we would like to ensure that students who are disadvantaged can benefit from educational opportunities.  We believe that what we have gained from our education will make a difference to the circumstances the children we support find themselves In.  Your generosity will be most appreciated.

Who are Brights Futures UK? 

Bright Futures UK was founded in 2017 by Joshua and Nathalie, who both suffered from severe illness during the early stages of their lives. 

Having first-hand experience means they are aware of the health difficulties and the challenges that this poses on a young person’s education and social life. 

Bright Futures UK is the first charity to focus on supporting young people whose education has been disadvantaged by medical circumstances. The charity has been specifically designed to empower young people and their families by ensuring that the support they need, is the support they get!

What services do Bright Futures UK provide?

Bright Future UK offers tailored support on a variety of topics through a wide range of different activities.  

Bright Future UK offers interactive workshops with group-based activities that are designed to be engaging and relaxing so that every young individual has the opportunity to build strong social connections with each other.

They also offer mentoring sessions which are one-to-one programmes that support young people beyond education. Topics range from helping mentees discover their potential to the best methods of developing their passions into a career plan.

Finally, they offer personalised tutoring sessions which helps young people to overcome difficulties with schoolwork. Designed to allow differing individual needs to be catered for.

Where will your money go? 

The donation scheme is divided in 3 categories:

  • £10 will pay for one mentoring session 
  • £20 will pay for one tutoring session 
  • £50 will pay for one inpatient workshop

The donations will cover all the costs of equipment and materials needed for the mentoring, tutoring sessions and workshops. The aim of which is providing a learning experience alongside a chance to relax and distract themselves from what can be very difficult circumstances. 

Why does Bright Futures UK need your support?

Bright Futures UK is a small charity which needs your donations in order to provide their services to as many young individuals who are in need of physical and mental support as possible. Additionally, these funds could be used to improve the quality, variety and range of offerings within the charity portfolio. This way, it enables Bright Futures to provide enough supporting activities to help young individuals to overcome their difficult phases in life. 


Let's make 'Bridge the gap between illness and normality' happen

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