Bridge Builders Football Academy

Bridge Builders Football Academy

The Bridge Builders Football Academy aims to provide twenty (20):13 - 16 years an opportunity to develop leadership and entereneural skills

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
  • The Bridge Builders Football Academy is an innovative programme which is seeking to combine football,education and assets building strategies to enable the young people develop skills to set the pace for servant-leadership among the African Communities starting from Ghana.

Africa is endowed with rich and natural resources.However,most leaders do not have the mindset of serving their people with the available resources.

it breaks my heart to see African youth going through all sorts of routes to get to greener pastures elsewhere which often times are characterised by lost of dignity,visions and lives.

To reverse some of these,the Bridge Builders Football Academy has been birthed starting in Ghana.

the project will proved quality football training combined with good education and mentoring support from responsible adults.

Emphasis will be put on Excellence and Godly values.

The 20 young people will be picked from different communities and prepared over a period of 6 years so that they can gain scholarships through Schor,arship4development programme or the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship for Africa.

we will enshrine as part of the training the principle of giving back to the community that the young people come from through volunteering and other support as their skills,qualifications and abilities will offer them.

it is estimated that we will spend £1000 on each young person for a year.

this included;

Training and playing kits

Coaching cost

food and transportation cost

Health checks and social activities

Education and extra curricular activities costs.