Bridal pop up shop

Bridal pop up shop

My aim is to open pop up bridal shops around the uk, focusing on small towns with limited bridal shops, exposing brides to a high end bridal

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Creating a travelling bridal pop up shop throughout the UK , while focusing on small towns with limited bridal shops while exposing brides to high end bridal.

The bridal industry is evolving, but not in the most conveniant way, and this is where our bridal pop comes in. Brides travel around the world for that special gown for their special day, well with the traveling pop up shop this will now be at their finger tips . They will be able to book online via the pop up shop app to try on exquisite gowns from around the uk and international designers in thier very own home town pop up shop

Having travelled around the globe working with brides from the US to the middle east I have found that there is always a demand for something different or something spectaular,. I am sure you have all heard of the amazing pintrest, well brides feel that they would love the inspiration they collect form Pinterest to come to life. This is our aim to present exceptional designers and therefore bcome the 'go to' event of the bridal calender for all bride to be's.

The funding for this project will help towards, location hire (pop up shop designed shopping center locations), promotional materials, consultant training (this is imperative to the project as having the 'right consultants' will enable the procrss to be succesfull), pop shop fittings and equipment.