Bricks change lives

The kids of Ganet’s Adventure School in Malawi need your help, to build a block of two classrooms and enable them to fulfil their potential.

We did it!

On 18th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £5,570 of £3,000 target with 149 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Wow, with the help of our supporters we've already reached £3,000 to pay for the foundations for two new classrooms! The learners now need your support in order for their classrooms to be completed in time for the new school term in September 2016. A further £6,674 is needed in order to complete construction.

Work is already underway, parents and the builders have donated their time to dig trenches for the foundations:

Any additional pledges received beyond our stretch target will go towards textbooks and running costs of the school such as clean water, staffing and equipment.

Imagine trying to learn and play under temporary shelters that leak during the rainy season. That’s what it’s like for the kids at Ganet’s Adventure School in Malawi. We need your help to build a block of two classrooms to change this.

Precious is a learner at Ganet's Adventure School, in the future she wants to become a doctor. She likes reading  books and playing netball. 

There’s just one problem. Precious has to take lessons under temporary wooden shelters that leak in the rainy season. It means that she and her classmates feel cold and wet when they should be playing and learning freely, in comfort and security.

Precious needs you to help us build Ganet’s new classrooms. She needs you to enable her to fulfil her ambitions in life.

Ganet’s inspiring founder and headteacher, Gertrude – we call her the hardest working mum in Malawi – needs to build two more brick classroom blocks for her 260+ children to learn, play and grow in.

Ganet’s Adventure School is a rural primary school and pre-school of 190 learners, established in 2004 in Mkondezi Village, Malawi. The school was created by members of the local community in response to demand from the local community, and it won the Malawi award in the Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education in 2011.

Support us by making a pledge and help us build the two new classroom blocks Gertrude and her kids so desperately need.

We work direct with the school, and have very minimal overheads, so your money will go directly towards improving the lives of over 2,000 young lives like Precious' over the next 25 years.

The urgency: we need to raise £3,000 to build foundations for the two classrooms before the school will be inspected on 20th June 2016. Gertrude is optimistic that if we can complete the foundations for this final classroom block by then, the inspectors will renew the school's license as they did when they last inspected three years ago. If the classrooms are not built then the school may be closed.

Please tick the Gift Aid box when you make your donation, this will enable us to collect an additional 20% on top of the amount you have donated.

The two classrooms cost £11,239 in total. The Adsum Foundation been has already pledged £1,475, and our friends at Alleyn's School in London are supporting the project too. We aim to complete funding and build the classrooms in time for the new term in September.

A second block which we have funded this year is nearing completion, and there are two further blocks which were completed three years ago which passed government inspections.

*Precious' name has been changed.

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