"Brexits a Musical Trick"CD for Covid-19 charities

by Mike Cashman in Loughton, England, United Kingdom


raised in 86 days



Create high-quality CD/USB of our Brexit musical & another CD/USB "I Don't Beg Pardon" - & so to generate profits for coronavirus charities

by Mike Cashman in Loughton, England, United Kingdom

We are asking if you would like to support the creation of a high-quality CD (& USB) of this Brexit musical for thousands of people to enjoy - to tell a story of the last 4 years - and the Covid-19 Musical  provided on  another CD & USB covering 2020 stories entitled "I Don't Beg Pardon",  and as a result to generate profits for coronavirus charities.

(Please note - we "went live" with the Crowdfunder focused on CD production, but have realised the importance of a USB option too, and we now have USB options as well as a CD option. USB will be the method we use to provide electronic copies, because we can licence the use of the music that way so that original artists get their share of royalties; this is easier on USB than attempting to provide via download, which is legally more complex to licence for parody songs ),

Every contribution will be rewarded with CDs/USBs - e.g. "Variety packs" - a variety pack is all three books, and the music from both CDs, and in effect you will get a great discount as a reward for committing to support us at this early stage. (Please specify any preferences in your message as you pledge, OR in an email to rewards@viewdelta.com identifying your name and contact details and the date, time and amount of your pledge, as well as your preferences for rewards).

** The rewards mostly refer to USB sticks. The content can however be provided on conventional CDs . Please specify any preferences in your message as you pledge, or with an email to rewards@viewdelta.com

** You can contribute (and get a reward) later, but you will get best value by contributing early which will help our planning. These options at these great pre-launch levels will NOT be available after the end of the Crowdfunder; you will then need to pay full retail price) **


The £4000  target, if achieved, will provide funding for 

1, Recording, mixing and mastering the " Brexit's a Musical Trick" high quality CD (& USB) , including copyright permissions for the music, with songs such as "We Know what we're Voting for", "At the End of the Day we have Need of a Leader", "What have we here oh you Closet Remainer?", "Lovely Tax Breaks", "Master of the Spiel", "Labour People", "One Day More at Chequers", "A Little Vote of Pain" , "I Dreamed a Dream", "Empty Houses, Empty Benches", "Ain't it a Laugh?" , "Failure Doesn't Matter" and many more.

UPDATE: See samples of these songs at www.viewdelta.com

 2. A second CD (&USB), the Covid-19 Musical entitled , "I Don't Beg Pardon", with many of our popular songs from 2020, such as "Stand By Your Dom", "I Don't Beg Pardon", "Why why why Corona?", "Boris has Got a Little List" , "Things that will astonish you (The Sentry Song)" , "The Public Inquiry Nightmare" , "The Extra Homes of Durham" , "Man Up, Mask Up, Protect Another Life", "Second Wave" , "Stay in Your House or Flat", "Barnard Castle (Dom's Ditty)" , "Onward Brexit No-Dealers", "The Virus Cometh", "Ill with Covid", "Lords of Delight" and "A Song of Idiotic Prejudice" and many more.
Inspired by Shakespeare we have "The Seven Ages of Johnson" and we have also recorded 9 very short "Lockdown Shakespeare" plays - how would the plays be under lockdown ?).
"The Sunday Times" (2nd August 2020 asked if our work was "Coronavirus The Musical" - we settled on a re-badging as  Covid-19 Musical (#Covid19Musical), and in fact guided our thinking in presenting this as a Musical in 5 Acts.

We have part-funded "Man up, up, mask up, protect another life" , recorded by a talented Bob-Marley-tribute singer, Thabani, who lives in a shack near Cape Town, as a song to encourage Black & Minority Ethnic Community to wear face-masks - song title suggested by "Masks Matter" Facebook group. Find the song on YouTube!

 3. Manufacture of 1000 total CDs/USBs initially, which will provide the products needed to reward all contributors and start to generate profits for charity.

That means that any further CDs/USBs  that we produce o meet demand  will yield their full marginal profit for charity.  T

We will apply these funds to coronavirus charities overseas and in the UK such as 

- Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) *

- Action Aid

- Tear Fund

- World Vision UK

- Centrepoint.

* I have worked on DEC projects in Sierra Leone (Ebola), Nepal (earthquake recovery), Kenya and Ethiopia, and so I know how well DEC works to ensure accountability and distribute funds quickly.

(Allocations to be made as funds become available, depending on urgent needs at the time. Initially we will support DEC).

It will also mean that up to 1000 of these CDs (or USBs) will be in circulation, which will:

- inform and amuse 1000+ people for starters, and everyone they share it with 

- unblock some deadlocked conversations

- solve some people's challenges as to what to buy as gifts for friends and relatives 

- hopefully trigger plenty of conversations about the most significant political, economic and public health issues the UK faces.

And of course every CD/USB  listened to is another potential sale, raising more funds for charity.

And in a small way we are supporting the Arts,


Please bear in mind:
1. We will make the first CD/USB ("Brexit's a Musical Trick", which is fully recorded, but needs to be mixed and mastered. The timescale may depend on progress with the crowdfunder, so may be earlier or later than the estimated date.
2.. Whether or not the second CD/USB is made ("I Don't Beg Pardon") depends on how the crowdfunder goes.
3. There are a number of choices of Rewards. You don't have to make those choices now (though you can if you want). We can contact you just before we press the CD. (See point 1). Please specify any preferences in your message as you pledge, OR in an email to rewards@viewdelta.com, email title CROWDFUNDER-XX where XX is your pledged amount (e,g CROWDFUNDER-120). The email should identify your name and contact details, address, and the date, time and amount of your pledge, as well as your preferences for rewards)
4. In effect you are getting our products at a big discount by pledging early and being prepared to wait until they are ready. We will post progress updates and samples.
5. Every reward includes everything offered in the earlier rewards; there just isn't space to repeat it all. For example, everyone who pledges can have their name on our website
6. All books and CDs can be signed by Mike Cashman, with a message if you want. We will send them unsigned unless you ask for signed copies. Books will be latest editions at the time of despatch.

For more information and samples of some of the songs, see the videos of Mike describing the project on the "Brexit's a Musical Trick" Facebook page.

If you are pledging a large amount, you may want to know more about me:
- check out my career and recommendations on https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikecashman/
- working with Worldvision UK, Voluntary Service Overseas, with experience in the past as a charity Trustee; and writing books (200+ political satires, some seen thousands of times on social media) to raise funds for charity
- underwrote website & leafleting of Milton Keynes for coronavirus community support (80,000+ colour leaflets, £3000+) before covering most of this from a crowdfunder with another provider
- see my political expression by googling "Cashman letters Guardian" - ( I do write to other papers but it's just the Guardian that has published me lately); or hear me on Radio 4 Any Answers asking for better backing for coronavirus community support groups (mid-March) or calling for outcome-based planning of the coronavirus response in the UK (and therefore sacking Dominic Cummings) on 23 May; or in BBC Question Time audience late January in Harpenden commending Mit Romney for challenging Trump - or Question Time Extra Time same night on Radio 5 with a catalogue of Boris Johnson evasions; or just look at viewdelta.blogspot.com
- married for 39 years, blessed with 4 children & 10 grand-children within an hours drive
- lived in same house in Milton Keynes for 28 years
- my passion for truth in politics has the same root as my Christian faith, and both lead me to campaign against the deceivers
- using crowdfunder.co.uk for this appeal now because it supports rewards for people who pledge

If you are backing this project, thank you for trusting me; you can see from the above that I'm not going anywhere and I will see it to completion with your backing. 

Let's make '"Brexits a Musical Trick"CD for Covid-19 charities' happen

Payment and personal details are protected