We can empower and mobilise the grassroots pro-democracy movement and secure a Brexit on the terms that we demanded on 23 rd June 2016.

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

We can empower and mobilise the grassroots pro-democracy movement and secure a Brexit on the terms that we demanded on 23rd June 2016.


Post the referendum, there is a vital need to provide research, data and other information to better inform MPs, the press, Government and other to make sure “Brexit Means Brexit”.

The Brexit Hub is a collaborative project supported by many to provide a collaborative space in London to allow volunteers to meet, work on research and other projects, network and co-ordinate the activities of all the Brexit Groups to best effect. And to facilitate round table discussion between the grassroots and the anti-EU campaign groups.

The Facility

Within London, in the M25 but accessible to those from around the country

The facility is on an island in the Thames near Hampton Court Palace located at:

Platts Eyot, Hampton, TW12 2HF

It has the  following:

  • Work stations, phones and wifi
  • Space to film and edit videos and be creative
  • Car parking with numerous spaces

How it works

All Brexit volunteers are most welcome to come and use the facility to progress their projects and for those outside London to have a London base. The Facility will be open 9am-7pm Monday to Friday and also at weekends. The facility will be managed by and for Brexit volunteers and will be free to use.

Funding Campaign

The idea is to be able to take the facility for 2 years. Thus, the target fund-raise is £27,000 comprising a deposit of £2,400 and two years rent at £10,200 per annum, total, £26,800. This will allow the movement to lease the facility for this period and make it available to all Brexit volunteers wanting to use it.

How you can help

Please forward this brief to as many of your friends interested in assisting Brexit groups and campaigns and campaigners.

Please give whatever you can by means of this Crowd Funder campaign

Volunteer your time to get involved in some of the projects below

10 vital Brexit projects at the Brexit Hub

  • Ways to encourage collaborative campaigning
  • Sharing best practice, equipping activists to reach the electorate, media and politicians
  • Research on Brexit
  • Making the case for an independent Britain
  • Campaigning on immigration and making sure leave means leave
  • Social media campaigning
  • Targeting the media and letter writing campaigns
  • Video production, filming and editing
  • Grassroots campaigns London base
  • Any other projects volunteers think are important to deliver Brexit (suggestions are most welcome).

The Brexit Hub will deliver joint working between the established groups and the authentic grassroots movement This work station is for you and your leave comrades.

Further information

Further information contact the Brexit Hub organiser, Robert Oulds, on 020 7287 4414 or email

Many thanks for your help, enthusiasm and support!

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