#BrexitFood - Don't let Trump force feed the UK!

by #BrexitFood in London, England, United Kingdom

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To protect the UK from toxic, drug-laden, bacteria infested, antibiotics pumped, chemically doused food imports from the USA after Brexit

by #BrexitFood in London, England, United Kingdom

After Brexit, the UK will be in the market for trade deals.  Regardless of how Brexit talks eventually pan out, it is likely that the UK will have a fundamentally weak position when making deals with the large rich nations. Here's why...

Not so much "negotiating hand"  -       more like "cap in hand"!

Whatever you think of Brexit, even the most ardent Brexiteers understand the need for the UK to trade with other nations as easily as possible.  Within the EU we could buy and sell in a frictionless way.  All the rules and regs put in place to protect consumers (ie from poison in their food) were standardised.  So, sure there was a bit of a burden on our exporters to comply with these rules, but there was just one set of rules which opened the door to trade with 28 countries representing 500 million potential customers and a quarter of the world's spending money! Through the referendum, consciously or otherwise, we have effectively chosen to forego this arrangement. Being governed by EU regulations, all of which we were a major player in the design and implementation of, was just too great a burden to bear for too many proud Britains. 

So what do we now?

Well there is a one ever-present thought-current within the establishment class of this country. It runs through a minority of its members but is possibly represented by the majority of its loud voices, Boris etc. And that thinking goes something like this...

"...stuff regulation, let the market decide, people are free to choose what they buy and what they eat, be gone with rules and regs, let us throw open our doors and buy and sell whatever to whomever. Free the invisible hand of the market and everyone's life inevitably gets better"

It is the philosophy of the unfettered market. Its a theory born either of ignorance or greed or both. Supporting evidence is a warped, miscomprehended and oversimplified analysis of how nations have developed their economies, and their citizens enriched themselves, over the last three centuries. Extrapolation of this already unsound interpretation to today's western world is woefully out of step with the current reality of a modern post-industrial and highly capitalised nation.  

Our fear is that this thinking will have us knocking on the doors of the White House.  May, Fox, Davis, Borris et al, will be full-bladder hopping desperate to get a deal light on tariffs. But Mr. Donald "Art of the Deal" Trump will take great pleasure armlocking us into dropping our food import standards and consumer protections. These little rules and regs are long and wordy and don't make for easy splashy headlines. They would not naturally appear in the press, especially not our majority pro-Brexit lot. Its quite apparent that the Free Marketeers currently running the UK would quietly agree to almost anything in order to get a deal with the US. And what is frightening is their honestly held believe, born of this mad misguided free-marketism that this would be good for the UK. We believe it would be devastating to the health and wellbeing of our citizens if this were to happen.  

So it is left to us, the public, and those who wish to represent us, to kick the dust up. Create a storm and make a stand.  Because, as removed from our daily consciousness these obscure rules and regs may be, they afect all of our lives every day in so many ways. Our food is the primary source of our health and our happiness, what we are literally all made of. How many more diet related Cancer deaths, incidences of Diabetes, deaths through Antibiotic resistance do we trade per GDP point?  And  are you really getting the economically productive best of a society as it becomes less healthy?

The economics of international trading are vastly complex and we do not wish to offer simplistic commentary or nonsense Anti-American  rhetoric. We offer our solidarity with the workers of the American Agricultural and Fast Food industries, who in no way would benefit from the kind of deal which the American and British business high-and-mighty would happily cook up between our nations.

The simple fact is this -  American Meat and Dairy are bad news. They are truely disgusting!  

As products, meat and dairy are extremely efficiently produced. But the only production factor which is given any importance is quantity. Quality is not even a consideration. The free-market ideology of the US means that there is hardly any meaningful regulation and this has led to the following. 

  • Dangerously high levels of Dioxins in American meat/dairy

Dioxins are the most toxic human-made products known to science. They cause endometriosis, cancer, endocrine disruption problems. In the US 93% comes from eating meat and dairy. The toxins climb up the food chain very effectively because of the phenomenon of bioaccumulation. It would take 14 years of breathing in the fumes released in nearby industrial plants to receive as much dioxin as a cow would ingest in one day eating the grass near a factory.      

  •  American meat contains an excessive amount of antibiotics

About 80% of Antibiotics sold in the US is to the agricultural industry. Antibiotic resistance is becoming an enormous problem with 23,000 human deaths per year. And this number is increasing rapidly. Drug resistant bacteria would definitely be imported with any American meat and dairy coming into UK.  Found in a typical piece of meat bought in the USA would be Antibiotic Residues, Antimicrobial Residues and Ractopamine.  The effect on humans of these drugs is untested. Information related to studies done on these drugs is not publicly available as it has been deemed "market sensitive" .

  • Animals are living in their own waste, next to animals that are sick, dying or even dead.

The public are being exposed to pathogens that are bread in these filthy conditions. 3000 people die every year in the USA from Salmonella. Those who live near swine spray waste disposal fields are several times more likely to become infected with MRSA 

  • There is just so much poo!

88% of Pork Chops. 95% of Chicken Breasts, and 90% of Ground Beef produced in America contains faecal bacteria. 

  •  Chicken is injected with water and a ridiculous amount of salt

The leading source of sodium for an American adult is chicken

  •   American Commercial Animals are mostly fed on GMO Corn and Soy

Animals are not genetically designed to eat this food and its effects are untested. This does happen in Europe too but to a much lesser extent as the EU keeps a much closer eye on it. Cows should eat grass! 

  •  American Dairy Products contain high levels of pus

There is also pus in European dairy products but many times less. The maximum allowable amount in the EU is half of what is permitted in the USA. However, EU regulations are considerably better policed in this area.  

  • There are at least 450 drugs that are administered to animals in the US

An this is just what we know of. The effects of these on humans are mostly unknown. The EU heavily regulates this. In America there is no policed regulation on these chemicals.  

  • 3000 people a year die in the United States from food borne illnesses
  • 23,000 people die each year from anti-biotic resistant bacteria
  • Swine Flu (H1N1) Originated in North Carolina where dead pigs are processed into feed and fed back to the pigs!

On top of all these observable bad practices, there is a whole host of egregious corporate malevolence in order to cover up, hide, misinform, threaten, silence etc. But we do not want to go down the road of conspiracy theory. Claim, counter-claim and circular arguments. We, frankly don't have time for that and we don't want to risk any credibility. What we've stated above is verifiable fact. And surely its enough for any rational citizen to form a judgement upon.  

 And our judgment is this...

We don't want this.

We really do not want this.

But this is exactly what we're going to get.

Unless we do something about it....



Our plan is to educated the decision makers and key players. We believe that the truth is our weapon and ignorance our true enemy.  We want to individually contact every single MP, MSP, AM and MLA (942 in total) and 100 prominent journalists. We want to send them bumper information packs containing a professionally published illustrated dossier of evidence and a DVD.  We want to prick the conscience as deep as we can reach. We believe that if the facts are known then nobody in good faith, could approve of food standards of the US becoming those of the UK.  

This Crowd Funder is to pay for those 1042 information packs.  The cost of which will be £8,500



We thank you for taking time to read this.

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You will be part of something very important if you do. 



*We would also like to pay a special thanks to Kip Andersen and the team at "What The Health" (whatthehealthfilm.com) for being so helpful. Being a major source of information. And for being the main reason why we got started on this journey. Thank you.


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