Brexit Red Tape Solution


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Provide "free" automated HMRC customs forms to UK importers, exporters and replace the Irish sea hard border with an e*Customs solution

by Nigel Totterdell in Berwick Upon Tweed, England, United Kingdom

I was launching a business to introduce data interoperability and mediation across the fast growing number of e*Customs being introduced across the globe. My expectations were set that the UK Brexit preparations would have the same having spent 5 years and spent many £10 billions with their favorites Software providers. I was dumbfounded when learned as did everyone else that very little of the expected systems funded had been delivered and if they had they didn't work. UK PLC is now facing 230 million extra forms at a cost of £15billion p.a with the need for an extra 40,000 HMRC clerical staff. This sending the UK in 180 degrees the wrong direction if it is to compete in the global e*Economy. I want to make the automation free at point of use ... the revenue potential of a £10 per form for only 10% of the 230 million is a very big number.... hence the large amount I am seeking.  have already invested £120k to produce the first nine most critical Customs document and will be adding automated EDI and email submission to HMRC's systems. This will give the UK the national submission portal it needs to exchange data with its equivalents across the globe, and more importantly with the EU. I will then replace the need for a hard Irish sea border with an e*Customs solution that is world class. The full 60+ forms will be released in May.

The aim is that UK trade bodies and Government will have a politically agnostic way of funding their memberships with these capabilities for free., and explain how this is possible.


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