Brexit Prep Guidebook for Normal People

by Elliot Ali in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

Brexit Prep Guidebook for Normal People


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The purpose is to make an online book that helps everyday people understand Brexit and how they might prepare for it.

by Elliot Ali in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

The UK has left the EU (Jan 2020). The UK is in a Transition Period, which ends 31st December 2020. The book tries to capture what might happen afterwards, for regular people.

In case it’s not clear what’s really happening, we are hoping to summarise it in an easy-to-digest way. Everyone wants an easy answer - there isn’t one. Brexit is a complex undertaking that means different things to different people. The government’s and Brexit supporter’s language focuses on what it means “for the UK” in general, but not what it will mean to individuals.

We want to present the position as we see it to you, everyday people, because I think you should consider whether you are comfortable with the potential outcomes - especially the risks, but also the opportunities, and to put provisions in place, whilst you have time, ready for them both.

There is currently a single author doing their best, but this project could help many and could really do with the scrutiny and refinement that multiple perspectives, peer review, and professional input brings. Your donation would help us get there, by covering everything from web hosting to professional services to help to make it accessible to all.


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