I'm making a Brexit Documentary

by Oliver Murphy in London, England, United Kingdom

I'm making a Brexit Documentary
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To create an enthralling, well researched and timely piece on the impact of Brexit on British politics and society.

by Oliver Murphy in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Oliver, and I cover political and international affairs for The Peoples's News. I now intend to branch out as a freelance writer and documentary maker producing content that comprises the political realm. I also publish a broad range of opinions using my personal Twitter account, found here. After all, Politics is changing, and with Brexit shaking up the established order, what better than a dedicated, detailed dissection of the events that are shaping the nation's agenda?

For a number of years, I have written for and edited a number of student-led and political publications, both at a national and international level. My writing portfolio consists of opinion pieces as well as breaking news coverage of which is shared on a variety of social media platforms, which has enabled me to establish contacts with key public figures such as MPs and, in the process, develop important information sources.

All this accompanies my planned studies in Multimedia Journalism, where I will focus on building political contacts and exposing the issues that shape the world. Importantly, unlike mainstream news outlets, I am not reliant on corporate or government funding and, therefore, am able to determine my own direction. My continued existence, then, is determined only by the generosity of my readership.

My project now, however, is a challenge; a challenge that will require months of hard work and dedication. I intend to film, produce and edit an independent feature-length documentary covering Brexit and its impacts on Britain with the hope of pitching it to one of the major news agencies to increase my exposure and build on my experience of journalism. This is a major project. It will be costly, and while I intend to finance as much of it as possible, I need your help. Although it will be difficult, and at times stressful, it will be a worthwhile pursuit- ensuring the people have access to a thoroughly well balanced resource on the topic of Brexit. And, although I am hoping for this to be screened at short film festivals/ news agencies, what sets this apart is that it is being filmed and produced with the help of the people who donate, making it a 'people's documentary'. 

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