Brexit... 28 Facts & 28 Positives of Brexit

by Kieron Leslison in London, England, United Kingdom

Brexit... 28 Facts & 28 Positives of Brexit
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Tongue Firmly in Cheek with the Title.....The Gift to make the Brexiteer in your life smile.......Maybe

by Kieron Leslison in London, England, United Kingdom

The Time is Now, This project is short,

Can we succeed before Boris goes to the European Council on the 18th of October. What an achievement this would be to fund the project, Print the book and deliver a copy to the prime minister, for him to take to the European Parliment for some light reading on his journey...Now there's a potential Stretch Target, 

Hey the way peoples minds are changing, he may even support the book by then and want to join the list.....OK that is a long shot but nothing would surprise me anymore.

June 23rd 2016! A date that has now become famous for the day the country divided..

This Project, Although my tongue is firmly in my cheek. I would like to produce a simple coffee table book...A simple informative gift for any leave voter out there. Lets be honest, we all know at least one..These might be our friends, our families, our colleagues or just people we see now and again. Wouldn't it be nice for us Remain voters to be able offer our leave friends an olive branch with this book.

The vote that happened has lead the country into many different divisions and there has been a lot of fall out form the decisions made, The reasons people voted either way, and the opinions that people have now and before the vote. We should not be falling out just because of how a person voted. I believe everyone had a reason to decide one way or the other, but 3 years on I do feel we are in a position where we know a lot more factual information about what leaving the EU actually means.

So....What is this project and how can it help?

I am producing a book that contains 28 Undeniable facts about Brexit. We know there have been false claims on both sides. We know there have been many different expert reports and some of us know, that some people will never change their mind...Others might....Lets see if we can help these people...

The second aspect of the book, is completely opinion based.....My opinion, on 28 Positives of Brexit. I know. I didn't believe it either...please support to find out these opinions.

The List

If successful the third and final section of this book will be a list of all of you supporting this project to act as a "We told you so list". If in months to come, Brexit is proven to be a disaster, This list unlike government website petitions will contain a 100% truthful list of people believing in this project.

We all know that bots and crafty Reamainers have been accused of adding names to the Revoke Article 50 petition and the No deal Brexit petition... I promise that I will not put a name on my list, to be published in this book that have NOT pledged to support this project. Can we make this list the biggest printed list of supporters one way or the other. If this all goes well, this book has an additional bonus feature made famous in books like Wheres wally....Can you concentrate long enough find your name in the list of tens? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands.....Millions!!!!!! of people supporting this project. OK millions or even Hundreds of thousands is a stretch but here are some facts that make me believe this project can succeed

Approximately 16.1 Million People officially voted to remain in the EU with approximately 17.4 million people voting to Leave the EU. IF every reamainer were to support this project and buy the book for the Brexiteer in their life, there would be less than 1.3 million people who didn't see this book, There are likely to be more people in the vote who have haven't read Harry Potter. (This is an assumption and not necessarily a fact)

If just 1% of the Remain Vote (approximately 161000 people) supported this project we could fill Wembley stadium twice for the worlds biggest book club)

6 Million people, or bots, or Remainers signing twice, signed the petition to revoke article 50. If 1% of these people or bots supported this project, we would need 763 London  Route master Busses to allow everyone a seat. This would leave approximately 300 empty route masters in London.

The biggest fact that makes me believe this book could be a success, is this topic has been the number 1 radio phone in, News item, Printed media headline and TV debate on nearly every single day since the vote.....and is still going....and will continue to be our number 1 talking point.

With the ever changing Cabinet, Political Landscape and potential outcomes of this situation, I think its time for some light hearted relief.

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is Brexit......oh you mean On this project...There aren't really any risks. If I hit the target, the book will go to print, I'm 100% confident I can type a list of names of support. I guess the challenge could be if I get 2 million people supporting it may take me a while to write that list...

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