Help create York’s biggest craft beer venue with 40 beers on tap in our Street Food Kitchen, a Hoptail Lounge and more Taproom brews!

We did it!

On 4th May 2018 we successfully raised £56,380 of £40,000 target with 631 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

We made it! Thank you everyone who invested and backed the project. 

We can't wait to get the street food kitchen underway and welcome you all down to strat spending your rewards!

Reaching £40k will create the biggest craft beer venue in York!

We’re amazed by how much love there is out there for our beers! We really hoped that you guys loved our plans to open York’s biggest craft beer venue too. And so, when our Big 2nd Birthday Bash sold out we knew we were giving you what you wanted!  

The plan is to have three distinctly different bars where you can enjoy our beer in different ways. There’ll be 40 keg beers on tap in the Street Food Kitchen where we’ll be pairing the beer to the eats. In the Hoptail Lounge there’ll be a relaxed vibe where you’ll be able to enjoy a Tonkoko White Russian or two! And of course, our Taproom will see ever more weird and wonderful beers, which can be enjoyed just meters from where they’re brewed.

 You got a sneak peek of the Street Food Kitchen at our 2nd birthday party when we set up temporarily in there. The next step is to kit it out and here's our vision for what it will look like...

We’ve thought long and hard about crowdfunding!

We continue to put all of the profits back into the business, so we can make more brews and if we’re to grow we need to look at another way of doing it. We could of course have visited the bank, but that doesn’t benefit the people who drink at Brew York and we both left corporate jobs to do things a bit differently.

 At the same time, crowdfunding wasn’t an easy decision. We knew we wanted to really reward the beer lovers who’ve made Brew York what it is today and from what we saw at our recent 2nd birthday party you want more of what we’re doing!

For us it’s all about real rewards

We’re doubling your money in beer vouchers (which will come in 4 installments over a year and will be valid for 2 years so there’ll be plenty of drinking up time), as well as giving you the opportunity to get involved with behind-the-scenes beer lover experiences. There's everything from joining us on a brew day or designing a beer, to beer tasting and hoptail making, as well as learning to cook street food or having our mobile bar come to party with you! The detail is in a handy little menu below and in the grey boxes to the right!

Unsurprisingly, our ‘Double Your Money’ reward is proving to be very popular! Who wouldn’t want to pay 50% less? The so-called beer vouchers can be spent on beer obviously, but also hoptails, other drinks, bar snacks, brewery tours, takeaway cans and merch, as well as entry to our events and beer tokens.

Joining the (R)evolution will also give you priority access

Everyone who invests will be invited along to the Investors Launch Party where we’ll be revealing York’s biggest craft beer venue. And what’s more, they’ll get priority to book tickets for other events (such as our Summer Bash and Keg Fest) 24 hours before they go on general sale!

You guys might be asking why we aren’t crowdfunding for equity and the answer is that we’re not yet at that stage. We’re still a very small team without the means to do the reams of financial reporting required. But you can be sure that when we’re ready we’ll be giving you the option to buy into Brew York first!

Overfunding would mean we can do so much more!

Our plans don't stop and overfunding would give us the opportunity to be more accessible and make even more experimental brews, as well as get more of our beers in cans!

As long as we have beer lovers who want to be rewarded and get more from Brew York then we have plans to offer more! Here's what we're thinking...

  • We’d love to install an advanced 'pilot' kit. It's essentially a small-scale brewing set up, which would give us all we need to offer brewing lessons and create more experimental brews.
  • Our own canning machine on site, to be able to improve quality and can even more of our seasonal and special batches.
  • Being inclusive has always been important to us and our Taproom has been accessible since we opened! We've got plans to install a passenger lift to make our Street Food Kitchen accessible so that anyone and everyone who loves great brews receives a warm welcome at Brew York!

 And we want to increase the range of beers we make by tripling production, as well as get more of our seasonal and one-off beers in cans! There are a lot of thirsty beer lovers out there!

We think of what we’re doing as the Brew York (R)evolution!

It's part evolution from our days as home brewers and part revolution of the York beer and street food scene! And we want brew lovers to be part of our beer loving community! We love that our beer drinkers range from 18 to 80 years old and also that you guys bring your little people and furry friends into the taproom too! And they're going to be just as welcome in the Street Food Kitchen & Hoptail Lounge.

For us, it's all about being as inclusive as we can be and of course it's always about the beer! And so, please join us in our mission to say NO to bland, boring beer and a big YES to weird and wonderful brews, which brighten up what at times can be a dull world!

We've got big plans, but the thing we want to do most is really reward our beer lovers for joining the Brew York (R)evolution!

Put simply, you can double your money in beer vouchers to use in our taproom and get involved with behind-the-scenes beer lover experiences - there's everything from joining us on a brew day or designing a beer, to beer tasting and hoptail making, as well as learning to cook street food or having our mobile bar come to party with you!

And what's more everyone who joins the Brew York (R)evolution and supports us through buying a reward package will be invited to the private launch party to celebrate our expansion plans becoming a reality! 

We hope you love the rewards we've brewed up and that you might even think about teaming up with a group of your mates to do one of our beer lover experiences!

We know there's a bit of scrolling down to see all of the rewards, so we've pulled them together in a handy little menu below! 

We've even thrown in some added extras with discounts and merch so that you're really rewarded for joining our beer lover community - details of these are in the individual reward boxes on the right!

And of course, we want to say a very big THANK YOU for all the support you've given us so far and for being interested in the Brew York (R)evolution! 

As always a big cheers from us,
Wayne and Lee & the Brew York team

Our Brew York (R)evolution reward packages! 

There are so many ways to be part of our beer loving community! Start with what you love and see where it takes you...

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