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Honouring the concept of handcrafting has been key to the creation of Brentingby Gin, a name adopted from the quaint hamlet within which the distillery is nestled, close to the town of Melton Mowbray.

The Journey

The brainchild of Bruce Midgely, born in South Africa and currently living in Melton Mowbray, Brentingby Gin takes inspiration from both locations to great effect.    

Relishing the opportunity to use his hands, Bruce personally designed a 10 plate copper column still, and after manufacture, meticulously assembed each piece of the structure by hand. Ever mindful of his South African roots, he fondly named the still Ayanda - the isiZulu word for augment or proliferation.

No stranger to abundant specialised produce, the Melton Mowbray area is the UK’s rural capital of food, and home to Stilton cheese and Pork Pies. With the name Ayanda, the still heralds the promise of a future that will complement her prolific environment.

Studiously learning the tricks of the trade under world-class master distiller Tom Nichol, Bruce gradually honed his expertise to confidently earn the label of craft gin maker.

A plethora of botanicals grace the rolling surrounds of the distillery. Included in this hillside smorgasbord are Rosehip, Elderflower and Birch, providing a palate playground from which to evolve his craft.

The Launch


A London Dry Gin will be the first product to be released from the Brentingby distillery. Contained in a beautiful copper coloured bottle, reminiscent of Ayanda’s glow, Brentingby Gin delivers the spirit of perfection through a combination of botanicals including Coriander, Angelica, and Birch, all enhancing the Juniper core.

The logo features the Hibiscus Flower, representing the link between the birthplace of Bruce (kwa-Zulu-Natal) and his gin (Melton Mowbray).

Pureness is the stamp of the Brentingby Gin distinction, an experience that can steadfastly carry individual choices of accessory, without betraying its proud botanical-imbued Juniper origins.

Brentingby’s promise is to uphold the Juniper forward timeless tradition of gin making, putting the craft back into distillation and ensuring the highest standards throughout production

We aim to move into further markets namely vodka, whisky and rum in the not so distant future where we will turn our attention to innovative creations making true craft spirits with quality and attention to detail in every distillation

With your with your help we aim to:

- Build our brand by accelerating in advertising and promotion

- Deepen our sales and distribution network

- Launch the additional products 

- Explore opportunities and innovative ideas for Spirits

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