Bree Goes Alcohol FREE

Bree Goes Alcohol FREE

I'm raising money for the charity Young Minds by doing the hardest thing I can - going booze free for a month.

We did it!

On 3rd Feb 2017 we successfully raised £458 with 28 supporters in 30 days

Anyone who knows me knows I'm more likely to have a pint in my hand than Nigel Farage - but this month, I'm going cold turkey booze-free.

I'm doing this for two reasons: 

First, to raise money for the children's mental health charity Young Minds.

HuffPost (where I work) collaberated with them and the Duchess of Cambridge last year in a project called 'Young Minds Matter', and it was then that I got to see some of the transformative things they do for kids. 

Their money goes to fund research, campaigns for the government to spend as much on mental health as it does on physical, and helping children and parents of children who struggle with anxiety, depression, mania and other illnesses. 

They also run this banging website - 'Head Meds' - that explains the different types of medication commonly prescribed to kids with poor mental health.

Secondly, my own mental health has taken a severe beating recently. 

I was diagnosed with depression aged 15, and luckily got a lot of the help I needed to get me out of my first major hole. 

I want other kids to get the same help I did at that age with our donations.

Quitting booze for a month will also help my current recovery from relapses of depression and anxiety.

How I'm going to hit £500:

Donations to Young Minds will come from two sources:

The first, from the kindness of my friends, family, colleagues and associates, who are as passionate about helping kids escape the dark reality of mental illness as me.

The second, from Yours Truly. I'm pledging £1 for every pint/double I would have drunk this month. (That's quite a lot, I promise, and there's already some money in the pot!) 

Here's a bitterly alcohol-free Koppaberg I drank on January 3rd as proof! 

Cheers to not drinking for mental health - and please donate whatever you can! 

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