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Breathing Space- a digital tool for abused women

by Donna Covey - CEO of AVA in London, England, United Kingdom



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To create a trauma informed digital tool that provides practical support that recognises past abuse but gives women hope for the future.

by Donna Covey - CEO of AVA in London, England, United Kingdom

Our dream at AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) is to live in a world without gender-based violence such as domestic abuse and sexual violence. 

We help to make this happen by working alongside survivors of abuse to improve the support and services they can access. A problem for survivors is that often these services are short-term crisis support which does not address  the long-term effects of abuse. 

Abuse can cause trauma which may lead to depression and other mental health issues.   

Survivors need access to appropriate support help over longer periods of time to help them recover and rebuild their lives. 

We have been working with survivors of abuse to develop  a digital tool to help women find the right support and services, how and when they need them. 

Your support

Your donations will help develop this tool which will aid two million women a year who are experiencing abuse and violence by:

  • Locating the right support at the right time 
  • Allowing them to read and listen to other survivors’ stories
  • Provide access to information that acknowledges and reflects what they have gone through

We aim to raise enough money to move from our prototype stage into a live tool.  Your money will be spent like this; 

  • £1000 for workshops with survivors 
  • £4000 for the developer to finalise the tool
  • £500-£1500 to create audio and video testimonies 
  • £500-£1000 to promote the tool 

Your help will make this possible.    

What is the problem?

Survivors often find it hard to rebuild their lives after abuse, and find it difficult to get long-term mental health support that addresses the abuse they have suffered.   

 We also know that survivors cannot get the support they need when they need it, especially in the evening and at weekends. 

 Survivors find it very important and helpful to hear from people that have had similar experiences, and that services listen to what they need. 


From our research we know that over 60 % of survivors women have looked online for support and it is often the first place they go to seek help. However, it's a minefield and they don’t know what to trust or what is the right support for them.

Our online tool aims to address some of these issues by being a trusted and tailored resource for survivors so they  get the right support at the right time. 

Vision for the product

We have big ambitions for this tool and want it to be:

  • A trusted place to find the right support at the right time 
  • Somewhere women can share their experience to empower other women
  • A 24 hour resource to help address mental health issues  

We have created an early prototype of a digital tool in a truly innovative way by co-designing with survivors. 

The current tool provides; 

  • Simple process that help navigate them to the right support 
  • Simple signposting, which provides a trauma informed context
  • Techniques to help with immediate trauma symptoms, like grounding

With your support we will be able to continue to work alongside survivors to launch the tool.  

If you want to find out more about our work please visit our website - We provide lots of information and training about how to support survivors.

Thank you for your support. 

Let's make 'Breathing Space- a digital tool for abused women' happen

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