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The General Scientific Research Project of BRANE HEPLAB engaged in Theoretical and Experimental High Energy Physics

by Boris Stoyanov in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

BRANE HEPLAB is a scientific research organization and laboratory engaged in theoretical and experimental high energy physics including the role of development in theories as supergravity, superstring theory and supersymmetry plus the exclusive membrane theory and brane cosmology. The ideal aim of the Laboratory is the construction and development of these grand unified theories in the finished and perfect form. Our members are involved in the search and creation of a unified theory of the universe and the world around us, clearly enlightened and focused on the current state of knowledge and the development of research methods for its improvement. The Laboratory deals with supergravity, superstring theory, supersymmetry and their membrane models including M-Theory and F-Theory. Studies conducted in BRANE HEPLAB are some of the most impressive and exclusive areas of modern theoretical and experimental high energy physics, for which the future will assess their uniqueness and fundamental nature. Supergravity, superstrings and the exclusive membrane theory play a crucial role in the development of modern theoretical physics and a necessary ingredient in the construction of a single unifying theory aims to understand and explain everything that exists in our beautifully designed world.


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