A Hub for Psychological Wellbeing

A Hub for Psychological Wellbeing

Our mission is to be the largest platform for psychological health. We will use the funds for raising awareness among our customers.

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Who are we?

Having started this project with exhaustive research into modern approaches to personal development, therapy and wellbeing, we are now launching a hub for modern approaches to personal development and psychological wellbeing.

Our vision is to be the largest platfrom for psychological health and wellbeing both in the UK and overseas. We want to empower people with awareness that if they are not where they want to be in life, they are able to change that by changing the way they think, act, and behave towards others. In a matter minutes, not months or years.  

We launched BreakthrougHub which aims to inform, connect people to the right practitioner for them, and transform lives.


Our Mission and Purpose


Our mission is to change the way that driven, intelligent people who are seeking to make a rapid and lasting positive change in their life, are taking care of their emotional wellbeing. 

We will enable individuals to find a practitioner committed to work with integrity and honesty within their level of competence who can bring about tangible results through a suitable approach.

See our story and how it all started.


What makes us different from other platforms out there?

What makes us different from our competitors is a personal touch and personalised approach with practitioners and cleitns alike. We have personally spoken to every practitioner who has and who wil sign up with us.

Furthermore the way we qualify them is not mere qualifications. All of our practitioners are qualified by their desire to help others, and their knowledge and passion for modern scientific and psychological approaches to personal development, and experience in creating a lasting positive change in their clients. 

Lastly, we also believe wherever a person currently is, they have different needs in terms of personal development. Hence, we also provide a free initial consultation on what is the right approach to therapy or coaching for you, or even on whether you may need coaching, or if therapy may be a better option for you. 


Where do we stand? 

We are launching a beta version of our platform in September. We have already reached out to over 500 practitioners. We need the funds to raise awareness among the clients  who are looking for therapy or coaching that will work for them. We will market through social media and paid advertising. 


Thank you in advance for supporting our project!



BreakthrougHub Team