Your funding + My idea = Our IP !!

Your funding + My idea = Our IP !!

Goal is to become world's highest patent holder inventor. Become co-inventor and owner of one of the patent which you are about to fund!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Goal is to become world's highest patent holder inventor! Aiming to file 9875 international patents to set new world record!

Thomas Edison, world famous inventor has registered and accumulated 2332 patents world wide on his name. 

Though Mr.Edison is  not the highest patent holder in the world, as Mr. Kia Silverbrook has total 9874 international patents registered on his name which is the world record.

I , Prathamesh Korgaonkar from India , an IT engineer by profession has decided to break Mr. Thomas Edison's patent record as a first milestone towards creating world record as highest patent holder inventor.

Currently I am having one US granted patent with patent number US9301139 B2 on my name and 2 pending patents from India and 50 inventable patent drafts.


Please find link for my granted US patent below:

Coming from middle class family with limited funding support, it's impossible for me to manage funding for filling 9875 patents by alone.

Thats why I have come up with an innovative approach to fulfill my dream,

Your funding + MY idea = Our IP!!

Yes you are reading it right! Till now you were funding projects for reward! Now you can fund my project for an award! The patent award! You can see your name before an invention and also co-own the innovative property which you are about to fund!


I am looking forward for your kind economic support and partnership in filing innovative patents which can help me to set the world record for maximum patent holding inventor!!!

Fund the cost for one of my innovative idea for filling as patent and become co-inventor and owning partner for that patent with signing legal partnership deal!!

You can fund as much patent as you can , depends on how many patents you are willing to see with your name printed on it.Yes, your valuable inputs while processing patents will be appreciable!!

 Thank you so much for your valuable time and support! 

So are you ready to be part of this record breaking intellectual property journey?



Prathamesh Korgaonkar!