Brass Castle Taphouse Crowler Project

by Phil Saltonstall in Malton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 4th May 2017 we successfully raised £8,790 with 139 supporters in 28 days

Want some top-drawer takeaway beer in a versatile eco package? Help us to equip our Brewery Taphouse with a can-seaming "Crowler" machine!

by Phil Saltonstall in Malton, England, United Kingdom

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Phil Saltonstall 3rd May 2017

Cheers Dave! The crowler machine has now been ordered, so we're off-and-running. Hitting the £9K target would be an extra bonus, as it would help us to ensure that those who have joined us in the project from the start get a top-notch service over the forthcoming year.

Phil Saltonstall 27th April 2017

Tail Gunner will be there! The lovely thing about a Crowler is that you can just as well package cask beer into it too - so at that slightly gentler level of carbonation.

Giles Jeffs 27th April 2017

Hi I have just supported your project . Love your beer - particularly ' Tail Gunner' which I am looking forward to a Crowler or three once you are up and running !

Bob Hayne 26th April 2017

Great to hear that we have smashed through the initial ceiling of £7K Phil, especially as it was achieved on my Birthday :-) Cheers!

Phil Saltonstall 26th April 2017

Hi Gregory - yes, no problem. If the pledge is under your name then we now know to supply GF beers. When the timeline ends, we'll be emailing all new Club members to ask if they can advise us of a preference for GF beers - and it will be worth you underlining the preference again at that stage. Cheers, Phil

Gregory Belton 26th April 2017

Great news on reaching your target. When it comes to the time will we be able to choose which beers go in to our pledge Crowlers? I'm GF so would like to get ones that are that if at all possible.

Bob Hayne 14th April 2017

Sounds like a good plan! I think it would be a while though before our American friend get a taste for Bad Kitty :-) - which means there is more for me!!!

Phil Saltonstall 13th April 2017

It's pretty subtle at the moment - though it transpires that a cask of Northern Blonde that will be hitting a bar in Maverick, east Boston today. So I may need to head over for a bit of quality control...

Bob Hayne 11th April 2017

Thanks Phil, I look forward to catching up with you when you next return :-) Hope BC are getting plenty of publicity in the US of A ;-)

Bob Hayne 11th April 2017

I have been waiting for the opportunity to support Brass Castle as they produce some of my favourite ales! I can't wait to visit BC and buy a Crowler (or 2) of Bad Kitty so I can enjoy it at home as well as in the excellent Tap House :-)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

We'll deliver a three-pack of filled crowlers (5 imp pints in total), featuring three different Brass Castle beers, to an address of your choice. Plus gratis 'Crowler Club' membership.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

We'll send you a three-pack of filled crowlers, and then 3 months later we'll send you another one! Each 32oz can will showcase a different Brass Castle Beer. You'll need - so we'll provide - an exclusive 'Crowler Club' T-shirt to go with that, plus gratis 'Crowler Club' membership.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

A year of beer - means that one crowler three-pack per quarter is heading your way! 12 32oz cans in total. We'll start the process by shipping you out a fulsome merchandise goodie-bag to ensure the full Brass Castle experience, including: glasses, T-shirt, drip mats, Taphouse vouchers and anything else we feel like putting in there! Plus gratis 'Crowler Club' membership.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

The full brewery experience! We'll send you a voucher for two people to spend the day with us at Brass Castle in Malton. We'll tailor the day to suit, but the basis will be getting involved with a full brewday, with brewers on hand to explain what's going on. You can even muck-in, if the feeling takes you! We'll also show you the town sights, while ensuring that you are kept fed and watered in Yorkshire's Food Capital & at our own Taphouse.

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