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Fund amazing content creation to attract lots of Facebook page visitors and grow huge support for plans to improve UK mental health services

by Dan Foster in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Brain Health UK

Hello! I’m a good man and a gentleman and try my best for everyone. In 2014 I did a very brave thing and knowingly blew my world to pieces to save the lives of many. I knew the consequences of that difficult decision would be too much for me to cope with. That harrowing trauma disabled me in a ‘finger click’ and left me with a severe mental health condition. Life can be hard, but still know I did the right thing. I’m so determined that my disability will not hold me back from volunteering my time to do ‘good’ in the world. I have lost some confidence, but I still believe in myself and my ability to create MAGIC and a massive VIRAL HIT! This is to grow huge support and at least 1 MILLION FACEBOOK LOVES for my “15 Points to Improving UK Mental Health!

Please support Dan Foster’s ‘viral-hit-fund’ to collect at least 1 MILLION UK ‘LOVES’ for his “15 Points“ video. Every penny you kindly donate covers: 1. Travel / food for a hard working group of disabled volunteers 2. Eight Mental Health First Aid Training places to create a mini pilot and show us all his “15 Points“ in action! 3. iPhone animation apps, mobile editing software and film / sound kit to create compelling social media campaigns for the @BrainHealthUK Facebook page and not forgetting its supportive Instagram / Twitter accounts.

❤️ Dan‘s bravely volunteered 8 months of his mental health life to the ”Brain Health UK” campaign. He‘s delighted that it‘s helping him to rediscover lost skills and his passion for story-telling. Because he NEVER thought he would recover OR rediscover his creative magic again after he was mentally disabled from severe and sudden shock.

Wow. He can‘t believe that was 6 long and very painful years ago now, which was when ’Dan Foster’ (mark 1) was a hugely successful and award-winning and multi-skilled BBC Development Producer. And whilst he will never be quite the same man again - Dan Foster, now 40 years old, is finding great happiness and excitement in developing and producing content that stops lots of people scrolling and really gets them engaging! his Facebook analytics have been storming and all suggest that he has a huge sleeper viral hit on his hands because small pools of around 10,000 people are engaging with his content in numbers that are off the scale. Now imagine if that was 100,000 people. Now THAT is how you bag a VIRAL HIT!!

Brain Health UK is an independent campaign to improve UK mental health and that‘s a benefit to ALL of us! ???? It represents the amazing things we can all achieve when we work together and BELIEVE in our ability to make the world that little bit of a better place! It’s positive thinking with a big beaming smile! It’s the return of people power! It’s the overdue rebirth of GOOD! It’s the UK LOVE REVOLUTION collecting millions of ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

❤️Excited? What to improve mental health FOREVER? Here’s THREE ways you can be a huge help:

1. Please donate to Brain Health UK campaign - whatever you can afford. It will all really help and you will be able to see how it is spent! I’m very honest and very transparent. Please also share this just giving page with your friends and anybody that you think might be interested in getting involved. I do write a thank you letter to every one who donates and I hope that it‘ll just be the start of our interesting online journey together. I love making new friends and if you want to bring others along as well then please do. The minimum donation for the page is £2 and that is set by Just Giving!

2. Head over to the FACEBOOK page @BrainHealthUK and LIKE it. This means you will be able to follow the story of a mission to improve mental health! See more details at the bottom of this page for other account URLs. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to watch the video pinned at the top of the page which is called “Dan Foster‘s 15 points to improving mental health in the UK “ - I’d love to hear your feedback and then the most crucial thing is give it one big massive LOVE (not like) - this is the video that needs to generate at least 1 million hearts as these will be the plans that we will take to Boris Johnson once we can show that we have huge numbers behind us and it’s going to be a great PR moment for him!

3. Engage, engage, engage. And try and do it regularly. ‘Loves’ are much better than ‘likes‘ in Facebook world for creating a viral hit. Comments are also brilliant. But the crème de la crème is a share! 

????CAN YOU MAKE A PLEDGE: Can you help commit to 3 shares per week and improve your Facebook friend‘s Brain Health aswell! Pick your favourite @BrainHealthUK post and then give them a boost. That is how we build the viral hit! ????

????WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO SEE ON THE PAGE? Follow the story of our mission to improve the brain health of every UK citizen. I promise it will be both interesting and exciting…quite often it’s very thrilling! There’s always something a bit crazy going on in my world. I don’t go looking for it, it just seems to find me! And I’m always having lots and lots of creative ideas at the moment so do give me your feedback and tell me what’s working and what’s not. 

BTW the newest campaign is the launch of the “Super Shorts: Talent Search “and it’s a very cool concept (even if I do say so myself) and I’ve been developing it over the past two weeks. Perhaps you have a talent? I’d love to hear about it! More details about how to get involved are coming soon...

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