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The aim of the project is to raise money for an in-house studio for the BRAI, MOR brand as we are focusing on sustainability.

by Morin Braimoh in Ashford, England, United Kingdom


BRAI, MOR is a customisation and embroidery company founded in 2019. Our motive is to change the idea of having to buy new clothes to get something different to be different. There are a lot of clothing brands that focus on fast fashion but we believe in curating clothes that give out positive messages with a chilled vibe. BRAI, MOR is catered to you and your personality. Everything is sewn or crafted by hand, making sure every detail is fitted to perfection. Each item is handled very carefully and takes a good amount of time to make sure the outcome is great. We want you to feel like YOU in your clothes and to be comfortable. BRAI, MOR wants you to be motivated in all aspects of your life and sometimes wearing clothes that have a positive message is all you need to start the day. BRAII, MOR also offer a customisation service where you can send your old clothes and recycle them into something new. You literally just have to send your clothes to BRAI, MOR's studio and we will send it back new with your advise on what to do with it. That could be printing, embroidery or even patchwork. We customise your clothes supporting sustainability. The only true way to do sustainable fashion is to STOP buying clothes. We know that's not always possible. That's why we have a service where you can customise your old clothes. 


We are a one band team. Everything is done by one person at the moment who is the creator or BRAI, MOR. It is very rewarding for her as she pours her heart into her creations, hoping to change our generation one positive message at a time. Morin graduated from one of the best fashion schools in London and uses her degree and experience to grow the brand.


As our main goal is to spread positivity and sustainability, we want to build an in-house studio where we can build the brand from. A lot of the environment is damaged in the fashion industry through the production of fast fashion. People support these brands because they are affordable and on-trend. We hope to achieve the affordable and on-trend part but without damaging our environment. We need to save the world for our future generation. That is why we want to do everything in-house, down to the pictures for social media, website management and the production of our clothes.

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