Bradford Dragon Boat Festival

We are raising funds to help support our Bradford Dragonboat Festival. Third year the festival is running... we are expecting 50k + people!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are volunteers who have a passion to better our community and bring us all together with a common purpose.

We host Dragonboat Racing Events and Festivals. Teams of up to 20 race 12 meter boats against competing teams along the River Aire. The race is a 200m dash and each team races three times, with the fastest three in the final at the climatic end. As well as fun, exciting, vibrant and adrenalin filled, the sporting event has been a huge success and nominated for a host of awards.

This is the third year we are running the Bradford Dragonboat Festival on Saturday 6th of May 2017… and we are fully booked. Forty-five teams have already registered and taken their spots in an unprecedented rush to register.

Due to high demand and disappointed late entries, we have opened the festival up to a three-day event and categorized the days as:

Bradford Youth Dragonboat Championships 2017

On Friday 5th of May 2017, Schools and Youth Organisations will participate in a FREE entry Dragonboat racing competition from 9:30am to 2:30pm. A maximum capacity of 18 teams to register. This encourages teamwork, efficacy, comradery, timing, common goals, self-belief and inter school network building and so much more.

Bradford Dragonboat Festival 2017

On Saturday 6th of May 2017, the public teams will participate in a charged event. There is a team entry fee of £500 which covers the boat cost and associated safety, staff and logistics. Each team is tasked with raising money. This money raised then goes to the festival patron. As this is the Bradford Dragonboat Festival. The patron for the third-year running is the Bradford Lord Mayor, in 2017, the nominated charity is Young Minds, who will make a positive impact locally.

Bradford Corporate Dragonboat Championships 2017

Teams from across the region are invited to race each other as focused team building and corporate inclusion. Plus, each team can raise for their own nominated charity.


There will be live radio broadcasts, live performances, onsite stage and bands, food, bars, land side attractions and activities to name but a few.

This festival has been brought together on a ZERO budget, we have successfully done this for the Festival with the coming together of community donations by way of services.

However, we need some help for the Youth Championships and Corporate Championships.

For day 1 and day 3 we need to make additional contributions to the infrastructure, and as such we are reaching out to our local heroes to support the event so we can bring the day to conclusion with greater success.

In return, we are offering advertisement on our website and linkbacks to your site as well as other services. You don’t have to be a business, even a message to your team of support!

The Event as a whole has huge backing and support from the local media. The Telegraph & Argus will be running editorials and following the festival closely, providing sponsor profiles and publicity by way of programmes and pullouts as well as blogs and online articles.

The Pulse1 and Pulse2 will be supporting the media campaign with reach out and jingles and support. They will be hosting a live broadcast at the event as well as social media and onsite dedicated promotion.

We have a large stage and sound system with key acts still being recruited and sourced.

Our partners have immense social media pull and we are always looking to help push our supporters!

We have put together some affordable packages here on crowdfunding so you can get behind us, Your kind support will make a big impact to the event and the charities involved.

What we are offering is simple:

Have a logo on the site to have a linkback to your site!

Mono logo, 150x125 - small and effective enough to help with your online ranking.

Your logo will sit on a dedicated page with all the other logos from our crowdfunding campaign.


Have a larger logo on the site to have a linkback to your site!

Colour logo with hover over description, 300x250 - effective to help with your online ranking.

Your logo will sit on a dedicated page with all the other logos from our crowdfunding campaign.


 Banner - onsite at the festival!

A 2mx1m banner to go on the farside of the race course so it is visible at all times throughout the race - as the racetrack is of finite length, we can only have a certain number of these. These will be on site for all three days.



Have a browse of our website and see how absolutely amazing the event has become.

If you want more inclusion, we have a whole host of packages we can discuss and negotiate.