Boys rites of passage camp - my personal pledge.

by Seb Adamczyk in Laughton, England, United Kingdom

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To make it possible a young person to attend a rites of passage camp. Money that we raise will help those who can't afford to pay full fee

by Seb Adamczyk in Laughton, England, United Kingdom

One of my friends said to me: 

- Seb, I like being 40. It feels like I'm discovering my inner power, without having to prove anything to anyone. 

I thought about it and responded: 

- How would it feel if someone said to you, when you were a teenager: I can see your beauty, strenght and power. You're a valuable member of our community. You don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. 

And remember, that the privilage of becoming an adult in our community comes with responsibilities. 

Having had the experience of being a teenage boy, and having worked with many young people, I know how important it is to recognise their inner power. The potential to be all they can be, all they want to be, all that they are. We've lost the custom of initiating our youth into adulthood and I believe that, as society, we are paying a hefty price for it. I know the price I paid for not having adults around me, Elders, who'd mentor and guide me into becoming a man I wanted to be. I caused unnecessary hurt, inflicted a lot of pain onto people who were close to me...

And I'll never forget the moment I stepped into a men's circle for the very first time...

If we don't initiate our young men into the tribe, they will burn down the village just to feel the heat (African proverb)

I believe that by doing this work we're creating a foundation upon which our future generations will bring the custom of initiating our young people into the community. 

In the past this work was done by the Elders who were part of each community, village, tribe...As society we've been extending our life span yet there are fewer and fewer elders. 

This is my pledge for support of the virtual village, so, together we can provide funding for those young boys who hear the call but their families can't afford the fee. 

If these words reasonate with you I invite You to share this message with your community.

I'm grateful for having come across teachers who gave me courage to do this work. 

In gratitude, 


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