Boys Rites of Passage Camp

Boys Rites of Passage Camp

To support boys aged 13-17 on their journey of becoming the person they want to be, standing in their truth and following their heart.

We did it!

On 19th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £240 with 8 supporters in 56 days

A 5 day (4 night) camp for boys aged 13- 17 years held in an ancient Sussex forest.

Handing back the birth-right of initiation to our children

"Rites and symbols of initiation are intended to open the life of each person to the sense of meaning and purpose already dwelling in them as their god given, spirit blessed, passion led soul tried to awaken" Michael Meade.

Are you in search of a fun summer adventure experience that will change your life?
Can you rise to the challenge of a 24-hour personal survival “quest”? ...
• Are you open to learning more about yourself, your place in the world, tour future?
• A 5 day (4 night) camp for boys aged 13-17 years in an ancient Sussex forest.
• A personal journey of adventure, discovery and self-awareness using deep nature .connection and bush craft skills.
• Fostering a healthy transition on the journey to being an adult man.

Our qualified and experienced staff team of young and older men have worked extensively within the field of initiation and wilderness programmes. Using mentoring relationships, team building and leadership development you will be inspired, build self-respect and confidence. By the end of the camp you will have a renewed sense of purpose – who you are, what you uniquely bring to the world, your families and communities.

Skills learnt on the camp include: Fire by Friction; Shelter Building; Tracking; Foraging and Game Preparation; Archery; Cordage; Nature Connection and Knife Work.


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