Boys Cry: Edinburgh 2020

by Christian Graham in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Boys Cry: Edinburgh 2020


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Funding for the first stages of Boys Cry's Edinburgh Fringe run in 2020

by Christian Graham in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

I'm an emerging playwright, looking to bring my latest play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2020. Although I'm applying for funds to pay for the main elements of the project, I still need support in paying for the fringe registration, venue publicity, and the facility fee(venue rental). In total (including VAT) it adds up to £3,098, and I need to pay that by 11th April 2020 in order for Gilded Balloon(who are hosting the show) to organise the pre-festival preparations on time. 

The Play:

Boys Cry is a one man play I’ve been developing for the fringe circuit for the last few months. I had been planning to write a piece examining sex and gender recently, due to shifting attitudes towards both, and the conversations we are now allowing ourselves to have. Below is the basic premise:

'When Mark is mugged on the way to college, his reality is shattered. This life-changing event forces him to confront some of his deepest issues. On his journey towards healing he realises that interrogating his connection to masculinity might be key to finding a way forwards. For Mark being a boy has meant closing up when it comes to processing complex emotion. However, through reassembling himself, Mark starts to get a sharper image of the person he wants to be. Boys Cry explores self-image, maturity, life after trauma and definitions of manhood'

I'm intending to distribute information about CALM, (a mental health charity) on the back of any flyers which are handed out, in an aid to actually help the public engage in real-world mental health discourse, and provide information for those who are in need. I'm also intending to have a CALM representative speak a little about how they operate for a few minutes after each performance. They aren't able to promote the show, but they are one of few organisations who are actually able to send representatives down to talk with the public about how they work. It's important because mental health is one of the key themes of the play, and something very important to provide access for.

Me as a Playwright:

As a writer I have had work produced by Talawa, Hightide Festival, Tamasha and The Orange Tree Theatre. I have completed an MA in Dramatic Writing at Central Saint Martins, and was chosen to write a short play for LyricFest ’18 which featured Jude Law. In 2018 my show Be Born debuted at The Space(****-LondonTheatre1) and I am currently a part of the Criterion New Writers 2020 cohort.

The Venue:

Gilded Balloon is one of Scotland’s leading entertainment venues presenting an annual programme as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as at its new year-round home at the Basement on Rose Street. As one of the four largest venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Gilded Balloon is respected internationally for presenting a stunning annual showcase of theatre, comedy and cabaret.

My Publicity Team:

With a portfolio including Pussy Riot, Theatre Gu Leòr and Feral, StorytellingPR run the year-round Summerhall press team, regularly work on extensive UK touring theatre, and know Scotland’s arts scene, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The team is made up of Miriam Attwood, Mim Black, Harry Harris, Emma Costello and Eleanor Bally. While all their projects have a campaign lead, they work collaboratively to get the most out of their contacts, knowledge and creativity. This has enabled them to get some truly impressive coverage for the companies they work with.


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