Boys can cry too
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of this is too get my book published and distributed out to schools, library’s and nursery’s.

by Racheal paniczew in Wainstalls, England, United Kingdom

I have written a children’s book Aimed towards boys. As a mother of two boys I feel it is extreamly important as parents, Carers and educators we change the stigma around boys and their mental well being. It’s my goal to get this book published and out into library’s, schools and homes accross England and hopefully the world. Male Suicide is on the rise, and for years boys grow into men thinking they need to be strong and showing signs of emotion is weakness. We as a society need to change this. We need to encourage boys to be open with their feelings and tell their friends, parents l, caregivers when they are sad, angry, scared etc. My hope is we raise a generation of boys/men who are comfortable with their emotions and promote positive mental attitudes in young males. 

 In order for my book to be published I need to raise the minimum of £2500. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you

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