B.N.D. (Boy Next Door).

B.N.D. (Boy Next Door).

To give new filmmakers the chance to work on something interesting, guided by professionals, who will also be involved.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

B.N.D. is a short film project (13-20 minutes) that will give people the chance to fund something fun and throw their hat in to the production ring. I'm looking to go into production as soon as the funding goal is reached, using established professionals and amatuers alike and keeping with the idea of a high value production.

B.N.D. is a love story about Eddie, a boy in his late teens who embarks on a passionate love affair with a maried, older woman....it's an affair driven by forbidden love that can only end with heartbreak...and brutal violence.

B.N.D. as a project will be fun way for people looking to get in to film production to start off with something interesting. They'll be various ways for backers to get involved and I want this to be more than just raising funds for a film and throwing it at a festival, I want it to be about grabbing an idea and running with it, building friendships, building something that we can look back on together and say 'that was pretty fun, lets do another one...actually, lets do a couple more!'.  Overall, I want it to be a chance for undiscovered talent to tap in to resources and experience of established professionals and get involved with the film making process and explore their creative side, make something they can be proud of and really showcase their talent.

B.N.D. will give people the chance to really get involved in a production, get their hands dirty and discover what film making is all about and see the final product on the big screen at a private function as well taking it to festivals.