Boxing match to fundraise for Moor Nook Central

Boxing match to fundraise for  Moor Nook Central

Fundraising for MNC (Moor Nook Central) It's a community centre that runs groups,activities and much more and helps everyone in thre area

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello everyone I'm doing another white collar but this time it's not for a cancer research this time it's for a community centre that helps not only the children in the area of moor nook but the adults as well with different groups and activities.such as creation station-community group for kids aged 8-12,

boys group for boys 8-12

adults craft group.

they are taking the kids that attend this group on a residential to get the children a break as most of the children that attend are either troubled,got special needs etc. Please everyone give what you can I'm looking At raising 50 pound for this amazing place so they go on more residential and do more activities and if you can't donate come watch me get punched in the face for the people of this community centre and this area