BOWY. Make your own rules.

by Karina Sparks in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


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My aim is to produce a female led brand that will create a community for empowering women and bringing them equal with males.

by Karina Sparks in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

As a girl I grew up in the country. A farm house in the middle of nowhere. Forests for five miles, and eight to the nearest shop. People may have been absent, but sexism was not. I had big dreams, and when I was young I knew I was meant to do something great. Something bigger than shovel cow poo. I was educating myself in every way I could. So I moved to the UK, learned English, started university and worked and worked and worked. Growing up in a culture where it’s so common to be told that a woman’s place should be in the kitchen. That females do female jobs. You shouldn’t be a provider, its man’s job. You shouldn’t be a business owner, you should be a good wife and clean the house and raise kids. How can you be a leader if you’re female? You’re too emotional, you’re not stern. I knew as a young women, I wouldn’t be defined by the men around me.

Dance helped me express myself, and the body I am proud of. I travelled more with my studies. And I was met with the same messages, I did a ‘girls degree’, I can get a ‘girls job’, a dance teacher perhaps. While I studied, I started a job in a bar that promotes female empowerment. A place where every general manager was male, everyone in control was a man. So I pushed, and developed and became their first female general manager.

I worked hard, and still men AND WOMEN told me I had only been promoted because ‘you’re female’. Customers would tell me – ‘you can’t be a general manager here, you’re a female’. ‘I want to speak to actual manager, not a girl”, “You’re too young to be a manager, “You only got promoted because you’re pretty”. So much for female empowerment, huh.

I’m not finished.

I’m not ready to be defined by the people who tell me what I can be, or what a woman should be.

I want this brand to become the next step. Bringing females equal with males. I want to make sure that females are taken seriously. I want to make my own rules.

I don’t only want to create a business where females can buy luxurious and comfortable underwear. I want to create a union, where females no matter of age, race, size or personal beliefs will feel empowered and equal.  I want to help females feel confident and to help them build self-worth. Because a female with a great idea can conquer the world, one step at the time.

Be Brave. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Don’t be afraid to start something big.

BOWY wear will be unique because it will be female led. We will make sure that women are listened to, and they are being heard. We will throw away metal wires that keep digging and leaving scars. We will make it comfortable, yet luxurious.  

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