bowser fund

bowser fund

Hi my name is bower, I Havnt been very well lately , I suffered with pneumonia twice and I also have an issue with my heart & need help.

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On 18th May 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Hi their u have meet my dog bower, as u have read he is not a very well puppy, we have owned him since he was 15 weeks, he was very sick when we got him from a so called breeder, he came to us with slight kennel cough so we got him treated for this at our local vets, but he just seemed to get worse so we got him seen by a specialist who told us he has pneumonia & would b lucky to survive, we were raging that the breeder could treat an animal like this, this went on for a few days until we had him scanned internally to our horror we found out that bowser has also an issue with his heart, one of the valves that is used to pump blood around his body did not develop this is called pulmonic stenosis, we currently have him on heart medication to help him with the heart issue and seemed to work for about 8 mths until 4 days ago one evening he just stopped eating and drinking and just layed still & wouldnt move, we have had him at the vets for 4 nights, he had a seriously hi temp of 40.2 & water on his lungs, we got him from the vets yesterday morning and have to give him another tablet with his heart tablet, this has been really stressful on all the family as we love him so much cause he just wants to keep fighting to live, we have a follow up appointed to get his heart looked at with an ultrasound in 3 months but we feel that this beautiful dog needs better, bu
t the ultrasound is all we can afford for him, I really need to get this dog seen by another specialist so he can have the operation he needs in order to have a great life, he is such a kind loving dog that never ever complains even when he was sick, please please I beg of you people out their if you can contribute to this cause in any way possible I would be forever indebted to u.

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